Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July...a bit late

I haven't been much in the mood to sew or blog or even upload my pictures from camera to computer.  I guess I'm just taking a break from all things Cre8tive.  I couldn't believe what I all had on my memory card when I uploaded today.  I had fun on the fourth of July taking pictures of fireworks.  I got many more keepers than I normally do.  I think I shot about 300, deleted about 200 and then cropped about 100.  I had my camera set at TV 1.6" and had it set to the sport setting so that I could do rapid fire shots.  Even though the shutter stayed open for the 1.6 seconds, it just kept shooting as long as the shutter release was depressed.  I focused once and then just sat back to enjoy the fireworks.  Hopefully next year I'll remember to look back at my blog to see what I did so I can improve for next years pictures.

Here's some of my favorites, and then a slideshow.

IMG_5913 (2)







Moneik said...

WOW! They look great! I don't think I got any pictures, just a video of Molly enjoying the fireworks.

Cindy said...

Those were really neat. All that was missing was the oooohhhhhhssssss and ahhhhhhhhhhhhs.

Judy said...

Wow Jen! Your pictures are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy said...

WOW Jen!! Your photos are AWESOME!!!

Judy said...

WOW Jen!! YOur pictures are AWESOME!!