Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quilts on Barns - #141 Irish Plaid

Irish Plaid is located at 130W North Street in Darlington, WI.  Finding this block was maddening.  This one should not under any circumstances be listed on a Barn Quilt map.  First,  it's located up a really steep hill on a dead end.  Second, you can't see it from the street AT ALL.  Third, we figured it had to be there somewhere so we went down the driveway that then we had a hell of a time getting back out of.  Again, a pretty block but really maybe these city ones should be part of a walking tour, not a driving one.  Just get a bunch in the general area and do a walking tour, be done with it.



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Moneik said...

I love this one!How to make it escapes me, but it's a 4-H one, so you know I'd love it no matter how difficult.