Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lots to catch up on

My laptop is finally home.  Now to catch up on all the things I couldn't do for 19 days.  I need to install programs, set things up, get pattern writing, write up Septembers SBS blocks.  Wow, lots to do.  I did however fix the last two weeks barn block posts and posted this weeks block.  Once I get caught up on a few other things I'm going to go and schedule posts for the block of the week through the end of the year just so that it's done, out of the way and will have no more interruptions.  Be ready to see lots of picture posts because wow, my memory card is a little on the full side at this point.

Regarding my laptop, it ended up being a bad hard drive.  I DID have a Windows operating sticker still on my system, it just happened to be UNDER the battery.  Right cause a lot of people look there?  AUR swapped me my Windows 7 upgrade which I then didn't need for a new 500GB hard drive.  He told me I should 'Office Space' the failed one.  Yeah, at this point that sounds EXACTLY like what I want to do!!

Glad to be back to the land of technology...let's just hope my iphone sync's up properly.


Moneik said...

So happy to have you back online! I've missed you tons.

Karen said...

I have just found your site and as I am currently making an SBS quilt, I won't be making the Barn blocks just now but I am downloading them for the future when SBS is finished. Great site

Anonymous said...

Jen, I tried to download, and every time (several) I tried it, I got timed out. Sorry about that! Good to have you back on-line! Nancy T,