Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I found a slight work around to my laptop issues.  I have print outs of my first 52 blocks so I decided to scan those copies.  Block 31 from last week can be found here:  http://cre8tivequilter.blogspot.com/2010/08/block-of-week-block-31-flying-star.html

Block 32 will be posted via the same means tomorrow morning and I have block 33 scanned in the same way just in case my laptop isn't back yet.

I was able to breathe a small sigh of relief today on the laptop issue - it appears that they are able to back up all of my documents, files and pictures.  We dropped my laptop off with the guys that we used to set up our wireless internet on Monday.  At that point they realized that I don't have the little Microsoft sticker with my Microsoft Key on the bottom.  Apparently when my laptop went to Dell for service this past winter the bottom piece came off and said sticker wasn't replaced.  I tried calling Dell to get this rectified but after an hour and 4 phone calls that got disconnected I waved the white flag and announced to Mike that with the bad luck I have with technology I should probably call it a day and become Amish.  Anyway, today I talked to the guys again and I have some seriously corrupt and missing operating system files.  I just decided to purchase a Windows 7 Upgrade and just call it a day.  Without my Microsoft Key they could possibly use the system restore that is on board my laptop but if I ever have these issues again, I still wouldn't have a Microsoft Key and would probably be in the same situation that I'm in now.  I'm done dealing with Dell.  I like Dell products but will most likely never purchase from them again because of their poor customer service.   In the mean time, I won't get my upgrade from Amazon until Thursday.  I'm hoping I can run quick on Friday to drop the upgrade off and fingers crossed I could maybe go pick it up next Monday.

On the other hand, I'm enjoying the technology break, I haven't even checked my email from my phone except to delete junk mail.  I haven't been on Facebook.  I haven't looked at any blogs.  I haven't read the news. Mike has a desktop that I can use but it's just not the same so I'll probably just wait to catch up on my posting until my laptop comes back.  It's a bit disheartening considering I went 3 years and 4 months with a post every day and now I'll end up with a 2 week hiatus.  Oh well, life goes on.


Moneik said...

Missing you tons and thinking of yo every day. Hope your laptop comes back home soon. Hugs

quilty mama said...

We had customer service issues with Dell, too. I will never purchase another Dell product.
Hope you are back soon. I miss your posts!

Michele said...

Ditto on Dell as well. We're buying the Lovely Daughter a laptop for her birthday in December; it'll likely be Toshiba or Samsung or some such.

Sorry about the spam :(

Beth said...

I went directly to your blog...I was convinced that Bloglines was messing with me and didn't show YOUR blog! Hope your computer issues are fixed soon. I had router issues on my new Toshiba..but it was the router..not the laptop.