Friday, October 8, 2010

Block of the Week - Google Docs

I just wanted to clear something up because I've gotten a barrage of emails recently.  If you're having problems downloading the documents for the block of the week, try refreshing your browser, clearing your cache, browse through the Google help files or even try a different internet browser.  I upload the files, I double check the links, I check the links again from a different computer.  I check them with 2 different browsers and I get the files to download even on my husbands ancient computer.  Unfortunately, I've been unable to duplicate any of the problems that have been mentioned in the emails so I don't know how to tell you guys how to fix them.  I'm sorry.


Judy said...

Jen, Sorry to bother you, but was wondering if there is a block #41 for this last Wednesday the 13th?

Judy said...


Did I miss Block 41 for October
13th posting? I have looked and can't find it. Sorry if t has and I just missed it.
Block 4 is really neat done up.
Thanks again.