Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Need for Votes!! “I Back Jack Foundation, Inc.”

Please, vote HERE for “I Back Jack Foundation, Inc.”

Back in 2007 I made a comfort quilt for a little boy by the name of Jack.  You can read about his story & quilt HERE

Now, a local bank is celebrating their 90th year with a charity competition.  We need votes for Jack.  Quoting Jack's Mom: "So, here it is, I am putting my heart on the line and asking for your help. Please vote. Honestly, if you choose to support another organization, it is your choice and philanthropy is still winning - a goal we all have in common. I never dreamed that I would be put in a position of trying to overcome schools trying to educate children, a marching band wanting to buy new uniforms and have the opportunity to participate in parades and performances, or a skateboard park aimed at giving kids a place to play; but here is the thing, I need to have Jack in order to allow him the chance to receive an education, march in the band, and ask for a skateboard so he can join his friends. If this contest were measured in tears, hope and love, I would have us in the lead."

90th Anniversary Competition

WaterStone Bank is celebrating 90 years of service to its communities this year.
Contest Details: To celebrate WaterStone’s 90th anniversary, the Bank is giving away a total of $90,000 to a few lucky local charities or schools during the month of April...and the community gets to choose! The $90,000 will be donated based on the votes submitted by the general public from April 1 through April 30, 2011.
The lucky charity or school that receives the most votes during April will receive $30,000! The four charities or schools with the next highest number of votes will each receive $15,000.

So please, vote HERE for “I Back Jack Foundation, Inc.”


Brynwood Needleworks said...

I just added another vote to "I Back Jack Foundation". xoxo Donna

Moneik said...

I voted! I'll keep voting for it too. Still remember the story. My how things change in just a few short years.