Friday, May 13, 2011

Between Friends Jr.–Comfort Quilt

Another comfort quilt is complete.  I really love how this one came out.  It looks so much richer in person; the border looks like leather.  I just need to get it washed and then sent onto its new home.  This is the first one completed from the four quilts that I was able to cut out of one box of batiks. 


The backing is very out of the box for me.  I’m not a scrappy back person but I was persuaded to buy a bunch of batik fat quarters during our Fat Quarter Frenzy sale at work so that I could make some inexpensive backs to go on my comfort quilts.  I hated it at first; but it’s starting to grow on me.  I won’t be as intimidated when I piece the next one.


The wind was picking up so it was impossible to get a decent shot!!


Cindy said...

Great looking quilt and I love the backing.

Jacque said...

And, you're back...woo-hoo! The back is awesome!

Moneik said...

It looks great! The back would be totally out of my box too. Love the border and it does look like leather to me too!

Teresa said...

I do like your quilt - has such a nice soft cuddly look.

Alycia said...

That is a beautiful quilt. The backing is great!