Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parvo - day 5

Jen didn't get to EBHS to see Maddie girl today but Mike did. Last night she barked a bit. Hopefully it's a good sign because if she's willing to expend the energy things may be looking up.

She started drinking on her own last night too, but then she vomited.

Today she started going to the food bowl to eat on her own. This is huge. Now it's a wait and see game...food that goes in needs to come out. Beyond coming out, the hurdle is are her intestines ok or have they telescoped inside themselves? I believe this is our next major hurdle.

Thank you all for the continued prayers, she surely needs them!!

-Jen & Mike


Linda and Piwacket said...

She's looking better than yesterday. Your little love is continuing to be lifted up by all of us. And your vet team is amazing. It seems that she's in the most capable hands in the universe. XXX OOOO

Mary said...

All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Maddie Jane will get better. She is adorable. Love the pictures. Keep your chin up.

Cindy said...

Come on Maddie Jane I know you can do it. Little puppy steps at first but look out world this ones a fighter and she's going to be fine. I love you, Grandma

Moneik said...

Keeping you guys and Maddie Jane in my thoughts and prayers.

Beth said...

I have been thinking about her all day. All the 'boys' at my house send her big doggie hugs and say 'Get well soon!'

Kris said...

Ok, Maddie Jane - We are lifting prayers for you and your medical team!!! You are wayyyy too cute to leave us!! Kris