Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Parvo - Day 6

On day 5 at 11:35PM I received a text from Karen that said, "It's too late to call but Maddie is Drinking and Eating REAL canned food on her own right now!!"

Day 6 - 6:55am the text from Karen read, "3:25AM Maddie pooped. I think you can take her home tonight to finish her recovery. She is again eating full strength canned food and drinking on her own."

Around Noon I got the call that there was nothing more they could do for Maddie at the humane society that we couldn't do at was time to go get my girl.  =)

I think we got home around 2, my Mom brought "It's a Girl" and "Welcome Baby" balloons along with fresh flowers some cute polka dot pink bowls to use while she's tiny and a "Larry the Llama."  Her first presents because I’ve been so afraid to buy her anything. 


Here she is with her Grammy.

photo 3 copy

It’s not the best picture, but I love this one. 


So here we sit on day 6.  It’s hard not to get excited, but realistically we need to get to day 14.


Moneik said...

She's so stinkin' cute! I'm excited for you and praying that things go well for little Maddie. What a great picture. I'm definately going to have to look for this book. It looks so cute.

Karen said...

She is super cute! Praying the recovery continues on such a positive trend!

Marilyn said...

I have a grand dog, too, so I know how happy Grandma is. Looks like she's going to be tall with those long legs. Best wishes for continued healing. ♥♫

Beth said...

Congrats! I can tell she is just WAITING to run, jump and get into all SORT of mischief! You better rest now! lolol