Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July is a quilting day!

Since Mike and I are staying close to home with a new puppy that has flipped the switch from “on my deathbed” to “crazy happy zipping around” that means the 4th of July was spent sewing in the kitchen while Maddie alternated sleep and play.

I got my swap blocks for July done. 

This is Colleen’s:IMG_0169

This is Regina’s:IMG_0170

We’re having a PJ party at the Quilt Shop next week so we each got to pick a fabric and make a pair of long pj pants or a pair of Capri pj pants.  I went with Capri's.  They’re a cutesy print full of dog toys.  I’m not at all a ‘wear pj’s out in public’ kind of person so mine will just get displayed at the shop somewhere.  Even at quilt retreats I’m a ‘get dressed and put on real clothes’ type of person.  All I needed to do to finish these was roll the top edge, make a casing and put the elastic in.  IMG_0171

A new apron for wearing at the shop.  It’s cute, but I think I liked the fabric better when I bought it than I do today.  Aaaaand, I was bummed that I forgot to purchase a fabric to use for the front mini pocket that goes on top of the long pocket.  I searched through my stash but found nothing in those colors.  It is what it is, we’ll see how long I actually wear it for before moving on to something new.IMG_0178

I needed a new lanyard for my work keys because the clip broke on my old Dr. Seuss one.  Originally I thought I’d make one to match my new apron.  But again, not enough fabric.  In the future, I think I need 3 coordinating fat quarters and a 1/3 of a yard of the binding/tie fabric.  I had 2 fat quarters and a 1/4 yard.  Anyway, not like it really needs to match, it’s very rare that I actually wear my keys BUT it’s nice that there’s something long to grab when I’m searching my purse for them.

All that and 3 of the 4 Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler blocks that I posted yesterday were also made on the 4th.

Ohhhh, and I put the binding on my Brewer quilt finally.  Now I just need to find a spare moment to hand sew that down. 


Colleen said...

Everything looks great- especially the blue and white star block :)

Jacque said...

What a busy bee you were! It all looks great. Regina's block is super cute - very striking! And the apron? I can't stand the Amy Butler fabric. That said, I think the apron looks pretty nice. Knowing my thoughts on the fabric line, that's saying quite a bit! ;)

Morah said...

Silly question....on your key thingy deelywhop....where did you buy the hardware? I want to make a "hang your badge around your neck at work" thingy deelywhop and wondered if/where I could get the hardware....

Moneik said...

You got a lot accomplished! I never left the house yesterday and actually got a lot done too. Your July blocks look great.

Linda and Piwacket said...

Everything you do is top-notch and super cute!