Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camera Accessories

I recently had a can of Coke Zero rip open in my tote bag…effectively drenching my camera.  Quick thinking, a 10 pound box of rice and a zip lock bag, I tossed my camera in so the rice could pull the liquid out of very nook and cranny.  I realized it was time to finally make the time to cre8te a pouch for my camera using the PUL water proof lining. I couldn't find my Lazy Girl pattern for Take Along Bags so I just measured the one I had and modified the size to what I needed. If I were to use the PUL lining again, I wouldn't take it all the way up to the drawstring area because it is thick and makes it difficult to lupp the drawstrings tight.


That day I also lost my camera strap. I couldn't get it off my camera quick enough so I just cut it free. The pictures below show the new strap I made.



Beth said...

Very nice! Remember the days when we could not make ANYTHING without a pattern? Now we say...gee..I need a....? Grab a tapemeasure and scissors (or cutter) and OFF we go! now if you can help me FIND my camera, I would be eternally grateful! lolol

Tony Familia said...

Sweet. I like the new one better. ;)