Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Comfort Quilt #562?

Years ago I lost track on how many quilts I've made.  It's been a big year for comfort quilts and I've already lost track of how many.  I LOVE making them, I love somehow maybe being able to offer some comfort.  It's just my thing.  =)  That being said, this quilt is for my dear friend Jacque.  It's a bit late but I know she understands.  I gifted her with the quilt top and a few days later Holly died.  I think it was the Holly component that kept me from finishing it in a more timely fashion.  When we were at quilt retreat and I was in Comfort Quilt making mode, she jokingly said this particular quilt was hers and I could put purple borders on it.  Then life happened and there was a reason to gift a comfort quilt.  We bantered back and forth a bit because she felt like I was giving her the quilt because she had 'called it' when that wasn't the case at all.  I never have and never will give a quilt just because a person feels they should get it just because they want it or are owed it.  I give because I want to and that's that...and it has purple borders.

 And here's it's crazy fat quarter backing.

Now, I need to go grab it out of the washer and toss it in the dryer but I have this cute fuzzy puppy on my lap.


Jacque said...

It's gorgeous, Jen. I am blessed to call you friend! The older I get the more reserved I am with that word. I have come to accept that I have many acquaintances but few friends because I now have a standard, which requires that both parties be invested in the relationship. What I especially love about us is how extremely same and extremely different we are, and how accepting we are of the differences and non-competitive we are with the sameness. It's good stuff!

How is MJ today? Perking up a bit? I could bring fried chicken. giggle

Moneik said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure Jacque definately appreciates the comfort it provides. I feel the same way about gifting my quilts. If someone shows interest I'm more likely to gift them a quilt when the mood strikes, but if they downright ask or are too suggestive, I go the other extreme and don't want to give them one at all. Maddie Jane looks so cute in her pink chair.

Barb said...

What a fun quilt!