Friday, July 15, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I mentioned earlier in the week that I teamed up with my friend Jacque to make two comfort quilts for children that recently lost a parent. 

Jacque made a Batman quilt top that I quilted.


I made a Wizard of Oz quilt and quilted it. (I really need to start standing directly in front of quilts when I take their picture, not off to the side.)

Both quilts have now moved onto Jacque for binding and giving. 

On Monday, Miss Maddie went to the vet.  They were finally able to stitch up her bedsore.  Of course this meant she had to wear a plastic cone. 

Being a puppy, and being uncoordinated like her Mama, she was bouncing off of things so I decided to trace her cone and made her two out of Timex.  Surely there is a special place in hell for me. 


It was more comfortable for both her and us.  All I did was iron fabric to each side of the Timex, cut out the shape, satin stitched the edges so I didn’t have to bind them.  Put 4 elastic loops at the top for her collar to weave through (her plastic cone had the same thing) and added Velcro to close it. 


Of course, licking at the stitches is less of an issue than her rear leg scratching at that AND the cone.  The vet suggested we get her a baby t-shirt.  Here Mike and I sat – two very non-kid people wondering what kind of size to even entertain.  Then I remembered…they sell T-shirts for dogs.  Wouldn’t that be a better idea?  Then the arm holes would be in the right place.  So here you have it, my dog is wearing a cute pink t-shirt. 

Again, there’s a special place in hell reserved especially for me!


Staci said...

Jen you make me smile. I <3 that you <3 Maddie.

Julie said...

I need some help … I am making a hexagon quilt and I can not piece it together…..

can you please help me?

Chris said...

You've got it wrong. There's a special place in heaven. Your puppy is very loved - and looks adorable to boot! :)

Beth said...

she is SO CUTE! ALMOST makes me want a puppy. (FIVE DOGS?? Shoot me now! lolol) First thing I thought of was 'The CONE OF SHAME" (from Up!) Like the shirt better, you are SO creative...punny..I know!

Teresa said...

Aw, they don't seem to mind and they do look stylish.