Saturday, July 30, 2011

Make it Snappy! Review

I had fun making this project but of course I always have to do my own thing...God forbid I actually follow a pattern to the letter.

With the inside bags I decided to use some scrappy orange, pink and purple strips that I had leftover from a different project.

I had a hard time getting my snap bags to snap. The pattern said to use a 1" tape measure but I had a 3/4" one that I had already cut into. At the top you fold it over 1-1/2" so I had a lot of movement in the casing. I did some additional top stitching to bring that casing down to 1".

The pattern also suggests you do your French seam with a 1/8" & generous 1/4" combo. Again, too much play/no snap. Instead of trimming the bag to be more narrow in case I was wrong, I went with a 1/4" followed by 3/8". Things were much more snappy at this point.

I find all the layers of fleece to be bulky and unnecessary. I used peltex for the outside cover and fleece for the snappy bags. If I do this again, I'll keep the outer peltex but switch the snappy bags to Decor Bond.

I'm happy with the finished product and look forward to making it again which is not something I typically say after a bag project!



Moneik said...

It looks great, but I can see your point with changing the fleece out. I love Decorbond. I think I have this pattern or something similar.

Cindy said...

Well, I think I need to see this one in person to understand it. I'm looking for small projects now that the bathroom is done.

Marilyn said...

Very cute, even if orange is NOT my color of choice.♥♫

Mary said...

Love your little bag. It turned out so cute. Even like the orange! Good choice.