Sunday, July 3, 2011

Parvo–Day 10

We are officially on day 10.  She's starting have enough energy to act like a puppy.  This includes nibbling, pawing, needing to chew on a bone, being's good stuff.  =)  Because she's still considered contagious, we're doing potty training differently than I've ever done before...indoors and on puppy potty pads.  I just don't want to take the risk of infecting any of the neighbors dogs.  The neighbors we're friends with know she has parvo and we've confirmed they all (their animals) have their shots.  The rest of the people I'm not so sure about so while she's contagious we're just going to use these pads indoors.  I'd say she gets it about 70-80% of the time (we have about 5 around the kitchen).  Then we have 10 % of the time where she thinks she's on the pad and isn't.  So as she moves from being sick to healthy we'll start moving them closer and closer to the patio door for when she eventually can potty outside without making anyone ill.

Two nights ago we noticed a sore above her front leg joint.  I attacked it with hydrogen peroxide and said some very not nice words.  I mean, it's huge.  Like between quarter and half dollar huge.  Mike took her to the vet yesterday.  Sigh, not only have both of us now been in the room we had to put Holly to sleep in but both visits were with the one vet we do not like.  But, she needed to be seen yesterday so there was no way around it.  Mike's a better person than I.  I don't know if I would have made it through that visit without saying, "LOOK, LOOK AT THIS DOG THAT YOU SAID WASN'T GOING TO MAKE IT.  LOOK AT THIS DOG THAT YOU TOLD ME TO TAKE BACK.  LOOK AT HER AND ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG."  See, this is why it was better for me to go to work and Mike to take her in.  What can I say, don't mess with my fur kid.  Turns out, Chicken Little has a Bed Sore from laying around being so sick.  If you're squeamish, look away and scroll down.  Now, you might ask WHY I would put a picture like this online and that's a very valid question.  I've found through this experience there aren't many stories online about the dogs that have lived and made it through parvo or what recovery is like after.  So if me posting these things comes up in someone elses' Google search when they have this happen to them, then it's done it's job.  


So this bedsore…typically they’d put the dog under and stitch it up.  But, with her being through so much lately we’re going to try ointment on it first.  If that doesn’t improve in a week, then they’ll put her under.  They also gave her an antibiotic and a dropper of goo to give her to stave off bacteria. 

Here’s her July slideshow so far:

Ohhhh and….last but not least my Mom counted her “toes” and guess who has 21?  4 toes and a dew claw on each of her four paws.  Then there’s one of her rear feet that actually has four toes and two dew claws.  Soooo, this whole parvo thing and living through it, it’s because she’s Lucky 21!!

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Marilyn said...

I love the LOVE you're sharing with this special baby. May she keep improving and making your lives busy with all the things she'll be able to do (and get into)! ♥♫