Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

I made Maddie 1 collar and 2 leashes and then I realized how much I liked making them.  I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on the ones I’ve made so I decided to make a bunch of them.  I’m going to list them on Etsy and hope to sell some by word of mouth so I’ll update again when I get that far…it’s a process.  Worst case scenario, no one wants a collar and I donate them all to Elm Brook Humane Society.  Really, that’s not exactly a bad scenario either!!

First off, I had to wash and Retayne my Batiks.  What does one do when they need to dry a LOT of 1/8 yard cuts of fabric?  Why, they use the dogs kennel as a drying rack OF COURSE!!

drying rack

Here’s the color selection I have made so far.  With all the different sizes I’ve created, that’s about 36 collars.



These are the fabrics that I need to iron and top stitch.  That’s another 26 collars. 


Next up, ordering hardware!


Jacque said...

They are lookin' loverly. ;)

(I love the orange stitching on the purple/yellow/orange batik. It pops beautifully.)

Cindy said...

These are looking fantastic. Everyone who sees the one Maggie is wearing is always commenting on how great it is.

Kim said...

WOW girl! Your rockin those collars out! I had a heck of a time just finding "boy" looking fabric shopping over the weekend. Need to make my first collar on Thurs.

quilty mama said...

The collars are awesome! I would get one... if I had a dog.
Good luck selling them.

carol said...

OMG...how fun!

Shelly said...

Lovely Jenn-do you think a harness would be hard? I have little dogs and don't use a collar. Hmmmm....