Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nook Tablet Cover

I just finished making a cover for my Nook using Nancy Zieman's Trace and Create template set. I LOVE it! Right now she's doing a designer blog hop so if you're considering making one you might want to check it out for some inspiration.

I decided to use Cat in the Hat fabric since its book fabric. Boy did it turn out cute!!

Instead of using elastic I cut apart a headband that has a silicone non slip grip on the back.  I also used Craft Fuse Interfacing, Fast 2 Fuse Stabilizer & Nancy's Tablet Keeper's WELL PROTECTED!

I originally cut the binding at 2-1/2" as the pattern indicated but that was far too much binding for such a thin project. I took it off and went with a 2" binding. I tried to hand sew the binding but it's so nice and rigid that it was a losing battle. I opted to machine sew it to the front using monofilament thread.

The only thing that could make my book cover better would be a "this book belongs to" book plate like I had when I was a kid!


Barb said...

I love love it!!

Moneik said...

Very cute! I've used the Atkinson Designs pattern to make one. How do you like your Nook? I'm trying to decide which one I want to get.

Carolthequilter said...

Any of the Golden Book Panels have the "this book belongs to" as one of the blocks. I love using those panels to make the Slide Show quilts (Atkinson Design pattern). The "this book belongs to" is a great label for the quilt!