Monday, March 31, 2008

Quilty Accomplishments in March

  • Finished 'A Bit Askew' Wallhanging for my Aunt Karen
  • Taught my first Quilting Class - the Lazy Girl Miranda Day Bag
  • Made a smaller 9 block 'A Bit Askew Wallhanging for my Grandma, quilted it
  • Sewed my 'Eclipse' squares into blocks
  • Quilted 2 Yellow Brick Road quilts for my friend Moneik
  • Started to learn EQ6
  • Sewed my finger
  • Made an 'A Bit Askew' Miranda Day Bag
  • Finished Maureens Miranda Day Bag
  • Worked on my POL UFO #7 - Christmas Stockings
  • Hung out with Michelle, Louie & my Mom during a snow storm
  • Made an apron to wear at PW
  • Took a class and made a Fabric Coiled Bowl
  • Began to re-organize my sewing room in preparation for our move in May
  • Signed our lease on our Townhouse
  • Went to TWO quilt shows
  • Started re-designing the look of my blog

It really didn't feel like I accomplished that much, but in retrospect I guess I did! I'm sure it will be slower for the next month or two, but once we move I'll be going gang busters again!!

I always knew

That I was in my RIGHT mind!!! Go Lefties!!

You Are 35% Left Brained, 65% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.

Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.

Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.

If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.

Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thread, Beautiful Thread

My Mom's been kidding me that I have a crazy amount of thread. I guess I do but I've been accumulating good thread over the past two years and I have a lot of Polyester and Rayon threads from the 8 years prior to that. Since I'm getting ready to move it was time to move my threads off of my door and into boxes. I think they're going to stay in boxes because it's not very often that I take the time to put everyone back where they belong. I think I'd do better with boxes to dump them in by type. Sooo, I purchased three boxes. I was going to go with two but Mom gave me that look. I think eventually I'll add a 4th box for additional cotton threads but for right now it will work out just fine.

It probably took me about two hours to organize all of my threads and bobbins. I now have my bobbins in holders by types so it should be even easier to find things.

The first box has my Rayon, Viscose, Wool and other oddities. Looking at this grouping of threads...I really don't use them all that often and most of them are threads that I purchased years ago.

Rayon, Viscose, Misc.

This box is all of my Polyester Threads. You can see there's a mixture of everything from Hemingworth, Bottom Line Cones, Guterman, Coats & Clark, Sew Fine and I'm sure a few others are hiding in there.


This is my Bottom Line collection. These threads are mainly used for when I quilt on my frame. I typically have quite a few bobbins of my main colors wound and ready to go. It's time to get winding again!!

Bottom Line

This is my favorite box. My box of cotton threads. You can I see I have a lot of Star Brand spools. I'm trying to use those up little by little. I have some Signature cones, YLI Spools, Aurifil, King Tut and Robinson Anton. This is definitely my fullest box!! These threads are used for quilting and piecing.

Cotton Thread

So, there you have it. A tour of my threads and it looks like a lot less now that they're in their boxes than before when they were on my door!!

My goal for tomorrow night is to finish up my Christmas Stockings which is my March UFO. I've got one day left...I'm cutting it close!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mukwonago Quilt Show

Mom and I went to the Mukwonago Quilt Show today. The quilts were lovely as always but I couldn't help feeling like there were far fewer quilts this year than in past years. I was dissapointed at that. Then again, I'm just as guilty for not getting sleeves put onto my two quilts in time. I keep saying that there's always next year but what I really should do is get sleeves on NOW so that I'm ready to go.

It also seemed like there were less vendors than other years. I'm not sure what the deal was. Mom is convinced that there was another quilt show going on at the same time somewhere but I just can't figure which one that could have been. I can't believe it but I only walked away with one very small purchase...a pattern. Hopefully I can use it for my teal oriental fabrics that I've been accumulating. Whatever possessed me to buy JUST teals is pure insanity happened and it's time to figure out how to use them!!

Here's a slideshow of the quilts that we saw. Unfortunately I'm having lots of problems getting the pictures uploaded so it might be a day or two until everything is on there right.

2008 Mukwonago Quilt Show

I will say one thing about the show that probably skewed my feelings in a negative way...there was this little kid. It's not the kids fault, let me say that right up front. This little guy had SQUEEKERS IN HIS SHOES. Every step was a squeek. It was higher pitched than a dog toy. This kids Father just thought his kid was the neatest thing. I don't know if this guy was deaf or what. He HAD to have been. It just wasn't cute AT ALL. Mom and I HAD to get out of that room and we had to come back to it later on to finish looking at the quilts. I was ready to yell, "PICK YOUR KID UP!!!"

Since Mom and I were a tad dissapointed by the quilt show we had to stop over at Patched Works. Mom wanted some fabrics to make a second attempt at making Pillows for her friend Debbie. She tried making them back in December and they just didn't come out right.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sewing Machine Needles

What do you have on hand? In preparing for this blog post I realized that I'm a needle junkie. I don't like to run out, I like to use the right needle for the job, I like options, I like trying 'new to me' needles.

  • Schmetz 75/11 Quilting Needles - Use for Piecing

  • Schmetz 80/12 Microtex Sharp Needles - Use for Piecing

  • Schmetz 90/14 Universal Needles - Purses, misc. crafts

  • Schmetz 100/16 Topstitch Needles - On the Frame

  • Schmetz 90/14 Titanium Embroidery Needles - On the Frame

  • Klasse 100/16 Topstitch Needles - On the Frame

  • Schmetz 100/16 Jeans Needles - On the Frame

  • Schmetz 110/18 Jeans Needles - On the Frame

  • Schmetz 90/14 Stretch Needles

  • Schmetz 75/11 Embroidery Needles

  • Schmetz 75/11 Titanium Embroidery Needles

  • Schmetz 80/12 Jersey Ball Point Needles

  • Schmetz 80/12 Double Eye Needles

  • Organ 75/11 Titanium Needles

  • Schmetz 90/14 705 Handicap Needles

  • Klasse 80 2.0mm Twin Universal

  • Klasse 80 2.0mm Twin Metafil

  • Klasse 80 3.0mm Twin Metafil

  • Klasse 80 3.0mm Twin Universal

  • Klasse 80 4.0mm Twin Universal

The needles towards the top are the ones that I use most often. I change my needles quite a bit; probably more than I need to BUT, I really don't have any problems then. I don't like to hear my needle popping through my fabric.

Now are you ready? Here's the true sign of a junkie....


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tune Up

I picked my sewing machine up after work from Frank's. I had wanted to get it in for a nice tune up before I go on my retreat in mid-April. First Brad gave me a hard time and told me that I really need to be nicer to my machine. Giggle, guess I should have cleaned it after our bowl class...but that's sort of like cleaning before the cleaning lady comes. But no, he said the only problems were that my tension knob was pretty loose. The funny thing is, that happened a year and a half ago too so I'm supposed to keep an eye on that. My needle threader was also knocked out of whack. I suppose that happens when I'm threading needles while my machine is on the frame because I'm going at it sideways. Oh well...if a needle threader is the only thing out of whack from using my machine on my frame I'm in really good shape. HA! I guess that proves that my machine CAN be used on the frame.

I kidded Brad about if he was going to charge me extra for any DNA he might have found from my sewn finger experience. Nope, no extra charge. =) And actually, it didn't even start to bleed until I removed the needle and was a few feet away from my machine.

So, Elizabeth is all tuned up and ready for Ohio. I think just to be on the safe side I'm also going to take my little Janome Jem along. I'd hate to be so far away from home and have one of my machines get messed up and not be able to sew for the rest of the weekend.

I think it's time too to start gathering supplies and projects to take on my retreat. I can't believe it's only like 3 weeks away!!! That time is going to fly!

MACC Fund Quilt

This year will be the 4th MACC Fund ride that my husband and I will be participating in. The Busy Bee's raffle quilt gave me the idea that I should make a raffle quilt for our MACC ride.

I need your help! What I like and what appeals to the masses are probably two different things. I'm looking to make a lap quilt. Most likely my main target audience is going to be non-quilters. It has to be a quilt that is visually appealing to men because my husband works in an industrial field and it can't be girly to the point that he won't want to display it or show pictures of it. I don't know if I want to go with a traditional type pattern or an artsy type pattern. Safe colors? I don't know...possibly red, white & blue?

By Traditional I mean a charm pack/jelly roll type pattern. Possibly some sort of star block, something of that nature.

By Artsy, I'm thinking more of a 'A Bit Askew' type of quilt.

I'm also toying with asking the parents of two childhood cancer survivors that I know if their children would be willing to draw on some fabric to either be incoporated into the front or back of the quilt. So you're also voting on Front or Back.

In the end, this has to be something that I can pull off rather quickly so we can start getting the word out. We all know I can sew like a mad woman so this shouldn't be an issue!!

I'm going to put some poll questions on my side bar, but if you have specific ideas, please comment! Especially with pattern ideas or color ideas.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Cancer Society Fundraiser

I'm posting this raffle quilt because too many people near and dear to me have had to undergo Cancer Treatments and the American Cancer Society is a wonderful organization. Please contact Regina with any questions.

Made by The Busy Bees as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, the 60" x 76" throw shown above is made with the Moda Sanctuary line of fabrics. It was quilted on a longarm with a flower and leaf pantograph.


Tickets are $1 each or $5 for 6. Drawing will be held on May 16 at the Relay For Life in Aiken, SC. You do not need to be present to win, but we will need a phone number or email to contact the winner. Tickets will be available through this website through 12:00 Noon Eastern Daylight Time on May 16.

Use the easy Pay Pal link below - just enter the dollar amount you wish to donate. Please be sure to enter your name and contact info in the message field so we can contact you if you win. (note that the funds will show as paying to Regina, as the team does not have a PayPal account. Regina will issue them a check when ticket sales are finished.)

If you prefer not to use PayPal but still want tickets, contact Regina at: for more information.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Color Theroy Confusion

I realize these quizes aren't anything scientific but man, this one sure fits me!!

Your Thinking is Concrete and Random

You are naturally inquisitive and curious. You're excited by new ideas, and you are a true independent thinker. You are interested in what is possible. You like the process of discovery. You are often experimenting, challenging old ideas, and inventing new concepts. Rules, restrictions, and limit don't really work for you. You have to do things your own way, and you can't be bothered to explain yourself.

Tonight was Batik Club at Patched Works. I can't wait to make a wallhanging similar to what Julie designed. It's so much fun!! Here are the fabrics:


I'm not at all a fan of orange, but these I absolutely LOVE. It's fun to step out of the box once in a while! Now, just to find the time to make my cre8tion!! We discussed colors and their healing powers. Talk about fun!! Although, if orange is supposed to stimulate appetite and purple is supposed to suppress appetite...what will this combo do?? See, it confused us too...we needed pie afterwards.

When I got to Mom's I decided to plunk down at her sewing machine and work on my bowl...which I finished!!! I can't wait to make my next one. It's sitting on top of my laptop, so you can kind of get an idea on how big it is.



Monday, March 24, 2008

Fabric Coiled Bowls

I took a class tonight at Frank's Sewing Center on Fabric Coiled Bowls with Wendy Rieves. Mom had wanted to take this class for some time now and I just kind of went along for the heck of it...and now I'm hooked.
Once you get started, it's a nice mindless project with quick results. I already have decided that I need a giant one for in my sewing room so that Holly can have a toybox in the upstairs of our Townhouse. Or, maybe a small one that I can put extra hand towels in to put on the 1/2 bath counter? I can use the leftover strips from my purple, lime & black wallhanging.

You can't tell much from my picture, but my bottom is maybe 8 inches across and I've started coming up to make the sides of the bowl. Not sure how big I'll make this one. The base is clothesline and you wrap fabric strips around and zig zag as you go.

Top View
Bowl top view

Bottom View

Bowl Bottom View

I left my machine there for a tune up and cleaning. There really wasn't anything wrong with it but I'm sure I knocked some things out of alignment when I sewed through my finger. Bottom line is I wanted to make sure it's in top form for when I go to my Quilting Retreat in Ohio, middle of next month. I should be ok without it this week. I won't be able to sew again until Thursday and by then I should be able to run and pick it up after work!

I'm Tickled Pink!!

My Pink & Brown Askew Miranda has been featured on Joan Hawley's Lazy Girl Designs blog today!! You'll have to go check it out!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I'm not really a big fan of Easter Celebrations and after our last few crummy holidays this one was just right. Mom and I hung out.

Mom ran over to my Uncle's house and decided to leave Murphy out of his Kennel as a treat for Easter. By the time Holly and I got to Mom's he had consumed half of a bag of marshmallows, 1/4 of a coffee cake, 1/4 loaf of bread and about 5 cups of Holly's dog food. His little diabetic body will be paying for that in the days to come. So, the kids didn't get to have their Milk Bone Hunt.

I did a little sewing. I made my apron. It's reversible:



It went together pretty quickly. Quick enough to be able to have a few different colors, holidays and styles to wear.

Tomorrow night Mom and I are going to Frank's for a class. I think I'll leave my machine for a cleaning and tune up since I don't have time to sew again until Thursday. The good thing is, there's nothing wrong with it, I just want it to have a once over before I go on my quilt retreat next month. I can't believe it's now only ONE month away!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Super Busy Saturday

We started off this morning with a Snow Delay. Kelly needed time to shovel the walk at Bits & Pieces. We picked Michelle up at her hotel and headed over to B&P for our Block of the Month meeting. This is the new quilt we're starting, A Kaleidoscope of Kolor.

You chose your own background fabric. I'm using a deep navy, Mom is going to use a tan. I was able to give Maureen her Miranda Day Bag which I'm pretty sure she loves!!

Afterwards we had to drop Easter Candy off at my Uncle's house and we then moved onto lunch and the Patched Works. We ALWAYS get into trouble at Patched Works. Michelle LOVES going there as much as we do. I bought a pattern to make a ClothesPin Apron along with fabric. I also picked up the Hi-Tech Totes pattern. I originally wanted to make my own Laptop Bag but wasn't finding just the right pattern. Then I saw one the Julie had received as a gift that fit the bill and knew I had to make one. Not sure what fabric it will be out of yet. I'm not in a rush because I did buy an inexpensive tote that is working out well but there's just something about being able to make your own!!

We were supposed to go to Tammy Tadd's shop in Illinois but decided with the snow, even though the local roads were clear it just wasn't worth it. We'll wait until we have better weather to make that trip. Instead we headed out to Oconomowoc to Ben Franklin. Ohhh, oodles of stuff in there! Anything from fabric to any kind of other craft item you can think of. Sort of how Jo-Ann's or Minnesota Fabrics used to be once upon a time. I'm grateful that Ben Franklin still is in that little time warp.

On our way home Mom and I were thirsty. I was dying for something to drink. All I wanted was the largest lemonade that I could possibly get at McDonalds. I was little kid obnoxious, I'll admit it....including putting the electric window up and down about 1000 times, hanging my head to the side with my tounge out saying I was going to die from thirst. I was hilarious, just ask ME. We go through the drive through and mom orders, "The largest diet coke you sell and a large lemonade." Um, ok, what happened to my largest lemonade on the planet?? Giggle. She just rolled her eyes. AND lovely, their lids wern't snapped on! But they slurped down quite nicely!!

Somewhere in the course of the day I noticed that my hair felt NASTY. Then it dawned on me. The phone rang while I was in the shower. I could tell from the ring that it was Michelle. That threw me off of my regular routine so I skipped past the shampoo and onto the body wash as I was frantically trying to hurry up and get out of the shower. Soo...I had hair product in from the day before that had gotten wet and gross from the snow ordeal. Then I got it wet, blew it dry and added MORE product. Oh, it was a sight. I ended up wearing a baseball hat that my mom had in her backseat. LOVELY, really lovely. Pink hat, red sweatshirt. I was a sight to be seen, let me tell you!!

Now of course, my mom was Jonesin' for some Junkin' so we hit another Goodwill where she bought another TWO lamps. Can I just say...I grew up with the most anti-second hand store, anti-rummage sale mother on the planet? So to me, this is new obsession is really hilarious!! After all that excitement we went out for Pie to celebrate Jill's Birthday without Jill. We ended up text messaging Jill some of the funniest messages. Moneik, had it been late at night, you would have woken up Paul with your laughter...FOR SURE!! Then once we knew she was out on her date we decided to call her and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY really loudly into her voice mail. The voicemail lady didn't like us very much so we only got to record about half. Sigh, she did call us back and thank us but I'm sure it was a song she could have done without!!

Back at home, Mom was lamp cleaning, Michelle was getting in some computer time and I was working on my UFO #7 Christmas Stockings. My mom started freaking out about a lamp that we had seen the day before at Goodwill and what if it was gone. It was 7:30, they close at 8. Next thing I knew, we had convinced her that she needed to go back and get that lamp. In the car we went and low and behold, there was the lamp.

The UFO #7 Christmas Stockings are coming along quite well. All 6 are stippled, 4 have backings stippled and ready to go. I just need to stipple enough fabric for another four, add the tabs, put binding across the top of the stockings and sew them together. I should be able to get them done by the end of the month, no problem!

Once Michelle and Louie left, we were so exhausted. I laid down on Mom's couch to watch a show with her and next thing I knew it was 8:30am on Sunday. Oh Crap! I never went home! I never called Mike! He wasn't very happy with me.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm ready to be done with SNOW

We've offically got the #2 spot for Snowiest Winter in Milwaukee. We'd need another 14.4 inches to take the number one spot. You know, I think Milwaukee is ok with being number 2 this year.

Amidst all this, Michelle and Louie did make it in from Iowa!! Talk about Brave!! Unfortunately, everything we wanted to do was slow going or CLOSED!!!

Let's back track...I left work at Noon. By 12:20 I was STUCK in a snowbank at the end of my driveway. I'll be SOOOOOO happy to move off of this hill!!! Mike was at his buddies house watching basketball games and he had to come home to free me. I was headed up my hill, not even 2-1/2 feet from the turn to my garage when this jerk who was stuck in the snow decided to not wait the 20 seconds that it was going to take me to turn and threw his car into reverse and started coming down the hill at me. I had to back all the way down the hill and when I finally got to where I could turn around to give it another shot, I spun into a snowbank. Mike got me out of there and turned back around. Then he had to shovel me out of the other side of the street so that I could get started back up the hill. I made the turn...and then I got stuck AGAIN.

By the time I was free, both of us were soaked. Then I had to make it to my Mom's apartment. There is no direct route. You either have to walk down my hill, along the street for a 1/2 block and then up her hill or you have to go cross country where there are no sidewalks. Really, in all the snow did it matter? I decided across was safer than down one hill and up another. Now, I had no idea when I'd get back home again so I had my purse, a backpack with a sewing project and a bag of Holly's food, my laptop bag with the strap across my body, a hat pulled down to my eyebrows and I was using an ice chopper as a walking stick. Oh yeah, and I had my winter boots on....which are zip ups and last snow storm I managed to break the zipper on one of the boots. SIGH. So now picture this...snow is coming down so hard that I can barely see the big black dog in front of me. I felt like Pa Ingalls in a snowstorm trying to make it from the house to the barn with a rope to guide him.

When Holly and I finally made it to my mom's (I swear the walk took 20 minutes because some of the snow drifts were between knee and hip high) I was covered in snow and Holly...well she was THRILLED. Me, not so much. I was a sight. I really wish she would have snapped my picture. I walked in and Mom, Michelle and Louie all disolved into laughter at my appearance. After I warmed up and dried off we went out for lunch and hit Goodwill. I'm just not a thrift store person but being inside of one with THE Thriftstore Junkie the excitement was quite infectious. In fact, my mom found a georgeous crystal lamp for $2.99.

We then went to check them into their hotel. Michelle noted that the elevator smelled like an old Singer Sewing Machine in desparate need of a tune up which was REALLY funny the next day when the elevator was out of order!!! Did Michelle call it or what??

Now after being in the car so long we didn't realize that stores and such were closing so we tried to hit a Jo-Ann Fabrics. Yep, they were closed because of the storm. Trying to get out of there we ended up going in circles because of accidents. It was pretty early yet, but we decided if we didn't get dinner right then, we'd NEVER get back out for dinner. We sat around at my Mom's for a bit and then they decided they better make it back to their hotel and we'd start fresh on Saturday!

Mike stopped to pick me up at my Mom's on his way home. Unfortunately when we got to our apartment we found that they decided since he wasn't home, they'd put all of the snow in his parking spot.


NICE huh? With the amount of snow, 4 wheel drive on his big truck and the fact that some idiot by my mom's apartment parked illegally on her hill there wasn't enough room for Mike to get to her extra spot to park for the night. He had to park all the way down at the office about 3 blocks away. Not the worst thing...IF THERE WOULDN'T BE TONS OF SNOW TO TROMP THROUGH!! Mike was not happy, that is for sure!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Miranda Class

Tonight was the second part of my two part Miranda Day Bag class. Linda and Beryl's bags turned out SOOOO nice and the class went really well!!

Linda is going to add some red and clear crystals to give her bag a little bling. She made her handle tabs out of red grosgrain ribbon and made the tabs longer because she wasn't happy with how short her handles were. We actually bent them quite a bit which improved them dramatically but they were still not comfortable to wear on her arm so she played with different ribbon lengths until finding the perfect one.


Both of her daughters are already fighting for her bag so during Easter break she's planning on making them each one.

Beryl's bag was a bit of a challenge for us right from the start. She had this LOVELY wine bottle fabric for the cover and the more we looked at it, the less she wanted to cut it up. After some sketches and a bit of math we found we could make the top and bottom of the cover out of one piece. She quilted it all up and we worked from there. I think it turned out quite nicely:


She got it finished as far as she could. Beryl is going to be looking for wine corks so that she can make a handle out of them. We're also talking about using a wine label for the flap. I'm going to help her and she's going to find a few different wine labels that she likes the look of. With Photo Shop we're going to take the aspects of each label that she likes and make her a completely unique wine bottle lable that we'll print out onto fabric. This bag is for her trip to France in the fall so she's got time to make it perfect!!

Mentally Decorating my 1/2 Bath

I decided on a theme for the half bath when we move to the Townhouse. I'm going to finish and hang 'Sublime' in there!

Purple & Lime Wallhanging

I'm not using that lime green background, I purchased a black background for it instead. It's pretty much sat unfinished for the last year because I didn't know where I was going to go with it. I just need to face the curves so that the border can be sewn together and then appliqued to the background fabric.

Quilting it should be pretty easy...I hope. Sure, I say that now!!

I'll look for a black throw rug and then purple, lime & black hand towels. It should work out well because this is an artsy quilt and most of my other quilts that will be through the lower level are more traditional.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maureen's Miranda

Hanging my head in shame. I just finished Maureen's Miranda. Dare I admit to the world that it was supposed to have been a Christmas Present?

I'm not sure why it kept being put off, but it did. Everytime I turned around something new came up that needed to be done right away.

I know, I know this one is very similar to the one that I made for myself that is being used as my class sample but she really lit up at the quilt show we were at in September when I said what I was buying the fabric for.

Front Cinched - Maureen's Miranda

Back - Cinched Maureens Miranda

I suppose, it's a lie about it being done. It does need the swivel hooks sewn into it yet but I realized I'm out of them so I'll have to pick up some tomorrow night!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My 'Super Secret Project' Unveiled!!

I'm Tickled Pink with how my project turned out. I have a few more complimentary pieces to make to go along with it and I'll be decking it out with a few crystals once they arrive!!

I know you're probably wondering what the big deal is!! I took the knowledge and technique that I learned from the Blue Underground Studios pattern, "A Bit Askew" and turned it into a fabulous Lazy Girl Designs Miranda Day Bag. I also took my leftover scraps and made a matching Wonder Wallet.

AsKeW mIrAnDa DaY bAg

AsKeW wOnDeR wAlLeT

I did stipple the pieces but next time I do an Askew style purse I think I will use the quilt as you go method so that I don't have visible quilting. I think that will give it a more modern look than a 'I'm a Homemade Bag' look.

This is the first Miranda that I've used detatchable handles on. I wish more handles would be created this way. There is a screw that once removed allows you to switch out handles.

I've also got Maureen's Miranda Day Bag finished. I just forgot it at my Mom's. I'll get a picture of it tomorrow.

Well, I'm off to fill my new bag so I can use it tomorrow!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

*&#$% I sewed my finger

I was at my Mom's tonight with Holly. Mom was at the hospital spending time with my Grandma so Holly and I headed over to sit with Murphy because he's been alone so much lately. Since he's Irish, we couldn't let him be alone on St. Pattie's Day.

Ok yeah, that had nothing to do with it. Sure I didn't want him to be alone again but my machine was over at Mom's and it might as well stay there the week because Michelle and Louie are coming up for the weekend so most likely we'll do some sewing. Might as well just leave the machine down two flights of stairs.

I was happily working away on my secret pink and chocolate project when I went to switch sewing machine feet. Murphy decided it was time to romp and spar with Holly and the two were wrestling...RIGHT ONTO THE FOOT PEDAL.

The $(%*#&% Titanium 90/14 Top-stitch needle went into the nail of my right pointer finger, clear through to the other side. I could SEE the needle from the bottom.

For those of you with the Janome 6600. You know that E5 error that you get from time to time? The one where it sounds like a Tommy Gun and and the needle ever so slightly freaks out going slightly from side to side? DID THAT WITH MY FINGER ATTACHED.

Now, I'm not good with blood or trauma. I was ALONE. My finger was stuck. My cell phone was to the left of my machine so I dialed my husband. HE TOLD ME HE'D CALL ME BACK. He was on the phone with a buddy and answered accidentally because he was trying to look something up in phone while talking on it. Now, I do realize he didn't know that to me, this was an emergency finger is STUCK with a needle going through it. Obviously he didn't realize I was still stuck. So I hit 'needle up' hoping it would be quick and painless. was jammed, remember? Now it was my right hand stuck so I had to reach my left around the machine to turn the wheel and raise the needle...only it didn't go up far enough. HOW is that even possible?? I had to twist my finger and it just wasn't pretty. Thankfully it didn't start bleeding until the needle was all the way out of it.

My needle was bent. My luck I've knocked the contraption that the needle goes into out of kilter. Nothing like GIVING Brad something more to make fun of me for when my machine goes in for service!!

I call my mom who is at the hospital and obviously not able to help because I'm in a panic. I had to find neosporin and band-aids. I get a band aid on and in walks Mike. He got off the phone and WALKED over. Stopping to GET THE MAIL on his way. Sigh.

Before anyone says it, yes I had a tetanus shot last spring.

It throbs!!! Of course it's one of my main typing fingers too. =(

But, I did perservere and I think I'm about halfway done with my project. I hope to go there and work on it again tonight!!

Oh and look at that...this is my 600th Post and all I've done was share the grim details of my poor little pointer finger!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today is my 1 year blogiversary. I had all kinds of fun things planned but haven't had a moment to do anything. So that will be forthcoming. I need life to settle down a bit.

I was feeling overwhelmed at the idea of packing up the apartment. I know it can be done, I know it will be done, I was just getting in over my head with all the thoughts I had going on.

I ran over to Patched Works and next thing I knew, there was my Mom and my Aunt Kitty lurking! AKM picked out some new fabrics for a Miranda Day bag and then Mom, AKM & I went to Mom's to start working on them. I quilted the cover fabrics for both of them while they cut out their remaining pieces. I got quite far on Maureen's Miranda. I need to add the handles; well Maureen and I need to discuss handles first because I don't know how she wants to carry her bag. I need to sew in the hooks for cinching and sew the sleeve for the bottom and she'll be all done.

Next up will be to start on my super secret Pink & Brown batik project. I may have to pack and move but quilting will keep me sane.

Next weekend my friend Michelle and her Husband Louie are coming up to Milwaukee. We're going to drive down to Tammy Tadd's shop on Saturday, not sure what kind of trouble we'll get into the rest of the time. I'm really looking forward to that.

While I was working on my Miranda, my mom made a quick trip up to the Hospital to see my grandma and things wern't going too well so I ran up there too. It looks like we dodged the heart attack bullet. Which scares me because does that mean one is imminent? I didn't get home until around Midnight and I'm exhausted but wound up at the same time.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy National Quilting Day!!

It's too bad I didn't get to sew...

The day started off with Holly going to the vet for her yearly shots and check up. We didn't get a call back so I'm guessing her blood work passed with flying colors. We're looking into changing her food because we've cut her food back 25% and her treats back 75% and her weight isn't budging. She's not going up but she's not coming down like she should either. She's 8 so it's time to move her to a senior food. Gack, I can't believe my baby is a senior!

Mike and I dropped Holly off, had lunch and then went to check out a Townhouse that we were looking at renting. We came, we saw, we were told about a unit they're rehab-ing and we signed. There will be all new floors - linoleum, carpeting, new appliances, etc. I even have my address already! We can move in May 15th and we need to be out of our old apartment by June 1st. I'm already freaking out about the amount of packing. I think I'll be getting started shortly. We're going to put our kitchen table into our storage unit for now, which will give us plenty of room in our dining area to stack boxes. Mike is out of town the first weekend we can move so hopefully between my mom and I we can get my sewing room moved and set up as well as the kitchen. The kitchen is always a big job.

Our new townhouse is maybe 2 miles from the old place and only 2 miles from my Mom. We decided that we're going to nix our land line and just stick with our cell phones. We're moving into a different county so we'd have a different area code and need to change numbers. Might as well stop paying for something that we're not using anyway.

Next up, Mom and I went to the West Suburban Quilter's Guild show, "A Symphony of Quilts." It was a nice show. You can see the pictures blow. Granted, I haven't had a chance to rotate them or crop them yet so you'll all just have to deal. I'll get to it at some point this week. There's also a few pictures that don't even belong in that album, I just haven't had a moment to move them out of there yet.

Next we went to visit my Grandma in the hospital. They keep bouncing back and forth on whether she has Pneumonia or Bronchitis. One minute we're wearing masks, the next minute we're not. By the time we got home it was after nine and I was beat. I was supposed to go to my Mom's but I just didn't have it in me.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Frankly I'm glad Friday is over!

What do you know, I spent the evening playing in EQ6! Did you guys call it or did you guys call it or what?

What a crazy day this was. My Grandma got admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Moneik received her quilts a day early via UPS, I received a package from my friend Michelle and had a horrible doctor appointment.

Let me tell you all about my doctor appointment. I always get riddled with anxiety before a doctor appointment. I don't know why, I just do. This appointment was for my annual Pap exam. Ok, that's just not fun to begin with. BUT, to make things worse my MD always has a student with her which of course you can say no but I'm a sucker and always say it's fine. The minute you lay down on one of those tables with your open backed gown and paper lap drape, you just lose all sense of dignity to begin with. Then you put a student on the job and I just wanted to say, HEY, I realize you have a job to do, but can you be a little more concerned for the fact that I don't want to feel like I'm hanging out all over exposed to the world. OMG, the breast exam...honestly my poor boobs were manhandled. Then we get to the pelvic exam. OMG, she couldn't get the 'cranker-open tool' situated in the right place so now her AND the doctor are down there. I'm traumatized. They managed to pinch my cervix. Oh dear god, I may never be the same again. Then I had to go give blood and my usual lady Rochelle wasn't there. I'm very gun-shy when it comes to giving blood or getting stuck with anything ever since my blood clot. So here I am with a different blood sucker lady and hurt!! I came home and felt woozie. I ate dinner and took a 4 hour nap. I figure I deserved that nap!!

When I woke up I putzed with EQ for a while. I designed my first quilt...was it really my design? No, not so much. I know it's a storm at sea but I've always wanted to make one. When does a quilt BECOME your own design? It could still use some work, but I think it looks pretty good for a first try.

Storm at sea

As I said earlier I recieved an awesome package in the mail from my friend Michelle. What a surprise! I knew about the angel, but not the rest of the goodies!! Thank you. Thank You, THANK YOU Michelle!!


I received in the mail today an awesome book that I had ordered. It's a hard cover Quilt Pink book that tells the story of many of the Quilt Pink quilts that were auctioned. It also has some patterns in it but I was more interested in the stories.