Saturday, May 31, 2008

Peace on Earth

I've been working on this quilt top for the last few weeks. It's a Moda pattern and the fabric line is called Peace on Earth. The quilt top used two Layer Cakes and a bit of yardage.

What can I say...despite being really careful I had some issues. I, the anti-pin quilter used pins and some of my rows just do not go straight across. Soo, I was thinking about it and I realized...I started with two layer cakes. When I cut my pieces, one cake probably went straight of grain and the other not so much. I guess if you're going to use multiple layer cakes to make up a project you should really give it a tug to make sure all of your layers are heading in the same direction.

Looking at it now, it doesn't look so bad, but when I was attaching the rows to each other it was REALLY noticeable.

Peace On Earth

Mt. St. Quilt

To the untrained eye, this appears to be just a random pile of pillows. But, it's actually all of the quilts that were on quilt racks through out the apartment or folded over chairs. I thought you'd get a giggle out of my "pile."


I gotta say, I'm looking forward to them getting a "bath" in my new washer!!!

2000 - A Trip Around the World

Wow, I was editing patterns again...I think I cut these strips at like 2" or something. This still remains one of my all time favorite quilts. My mom's too if I remember right. The red, blue and green are all the same print, just different colors. It's little sunflowers ontop of the background. I remember my mom made so much fun of me for using three of the same fabrics. HA! Little did she know that would translate so awesomly in the quilts to come!!

Sun Flower Trip Around the World

Friday, May 30, 2008

My Brother 'Type' Person

My mom just alerted me that my brother type person, Tom (He's a friend of mine and during High School & College his full title was, "The brother I never had, never wanted and when I got sick of him I could send him home.") made the front page of the Journal/Sentinel this morning. If I would have seen it in the paper, even without the caption I would have known it was Tom.

Photo/Kristyna Wentz-Graff
The Caption reads: Boat captain Tom Hanson fills a gas can after Bob Gates (right) finished filling the Brew City Queen at the McKinley Marina fueling dock on Wednesday. The boat, operated by Riverwalk Boat Tours & Rentals, took 60 gallons of gas.

Now, I'll admit I haven't exactly kept in touch over these last few years. I grew tired of being put down because I didn't have an elite degree like he did and his assumptions that I couldn't possibly be making decent money really pissed me off to no end. Still; that aside, it's neat to see that he made the front page!! Maybe someday I'll figure out how to ignore that part of his personality and just focus on the good stuff.

Tom, if you google your own name some day and happen upon my blog, I miss you...terribly believe it or not...I'm just not quite sure how to relate to you at this point in time.

Thomas G Hanson Jr Thomas Hanson Tom Hanson

Errors in Quilts - Part 2

I think a few people took my "Errors in Quilts" post differently than I had hoped. I just re-read my own post thinking maybe I didn't write it correctly. But, nowhere did I say anything about telling someone AFTER their quilt was quilted that they had a block switched the wrong way.

I was merely asking do I or don't I say something when I notice a block flipped the wrong way before a quilt is completely finished when I don't personally know the person AND, HOW do I nicely say something without it coming across as if I'm the quilt police when that is NOT my intention AT ALL? When my intent is to JUST give them the opportunity to fix it if they so desire.

And for the record, I would never point out if someones points were chopped off or seams not aligned...I only point out my OWN inaccuracies on my own projects. I'm not quite sure where that conclusion was drawn from my post but the comment sure threw me for a loop.

2000 - Amish Stars

Yeah...don't let the title fool you. It's black so I guess that's where the Amish part came from. My grandma started calling it Amish and Amish stuck. God, I wish I had a close up of this quilt. I'll sooo have to take a better picture once we move. My friend Gale; bless her didn't try to stop me. Just offered her help. I still had no clue what a quarter square triangle is. Still wasn't doing the whole 1/4" seam allowance thing, just lining everything up with the edge of my presser foot. It will be interesting for me to take this out and really look things over now. Man, all those pieces!!!

Amish Stars

Then I put a really high loft batting in. I quilted it along the diagonal through the back squares. It's gotta be really scary!!!! Huh, now I actually am dying to pull it out and look it over!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Errors in Quilts

Honestly, this topic was on my mind before I sifted through my new Bloglines posts today and noticed that a friend of mine had an error pointed out to her and was publicly thanking someone for pointing one out.

Pointing out an error in a quilt is an art, and that's an art that I struggle with. It's something I need help with.

I notice things because when I look at a quilt, my mind immediately starts working to try to figure out how it went together, if it might have been a strip quilt, a speed piecing method, etc. That's just what my mind immediately does, I can't shut it off if I tried. In doing that, I am usually quick to see if a block is set wrong.

Do you say something? Do you not say something?

Does it depend on how close you are to the person?

Does it depend on how far into a quilt the person is? Would you say something before the borders are on, but not after?

Would you say something if you noticed it when the borders were on but before it's going to be quilted? Does your decision change based on if they're paying to have it quilted or quilting it themselves?

What if you didn't know the individual? What if you just happened to be in the quilt shop as the same time they were?

What if you noticed while you were shopping just how long it was taking them to pick the perfect backing, pick the perfect thread, pick the perfect quilting pattern?

Does it matter that you don't know them by name? But you've seen them shopping at the same time as you?

What if you really are having a hard time reading their personality and can't tell if they'd be offended or greatful but could tell that when they notice the backwards block later they're going to beat themselves up every time they look at the quilt?

How do you say in the most tactful way, hey I've noticed a block is set wrong? Or do you say nothing at all? Would you like someone to tell you or not?

Pretend that we don't know each other. Pretend that you are the quilter with the block wrong. Pretend that you pulled your quilt out at a shop to look for the backing and that you're going to have the shop quilt it. You've put your time and a good deal of money into your quilt. Pretend that this quilt is for the most important person in your life. Do you want me to tell you? What is the best way for me to point this out to you without you thinking I'm picking apart your quilting skills? Or, should I say nothing at all??

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this topic.

2000 - We got engaged

I decided since I got a ring, I should make Mike a quilt for his bed. Oh wait, that would mean he has three quilts and he's the man who said a quilt is a once in a lifetime type thing.

Blue Jewel Box Quilt

I pissed my Mom off the day I bought these fabrics. We got to Jo-Ann's at 8:40, I picked out 25 blues, we had them cut and purchased by 9pm. She just didn't think it was right that I could pick that much fabric out so quicky.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Apparantly I have a name double...

There was a Jennifer Buettner on the Today show today talking about "Obecalp, the First Standardized, Branded and Pharmaceutical Grade Placebo."

I found out about her last week because I set my own name up on Google Alerts so I get an email each time I am posted about online. Only the post I read wasn't about ME. Yikes, I don't like having a name double on something so controversial.

2000 - St. Patties Day Jewel Box

Now this is a quilt with a story. Remember, I had a new puppy. This was March. At the end of January she had a broken leg with a cast. I'm pretty sure she had just gotten out of the cast since she was able to get on the couch, but I digress. There are TWO versions of this story. The other version blames it ALL on me.

I'm pretty sure I tied this one. Yeah, Yeah I must of.

St. Patrick's Day Jewel Box Quilt

So, here I was, sitting on the couch tying the quilt. Mike was sitting on the floor playing playstation. Holly went by him, he pushed her away. She jumped up on the couch, onto my quilt and PEED. This is where we differ. Mike claims she never came by him.

I got mad...beyond mad. I put her in her kennel and covered the kennel so I didn't have to look at her. I threatened to take her back to the pound...although we all know I'd never do that to a dog. Mike kept telling me that she wasn't a bird, that you couldn't cover her to make her be quiet.

I didn't know what to do with the quilt. It still had safety pins in it. I threw it out during my ranting and raving. You can ask was bad.

Somewhere along the line my Mom came over, retreived it from the garbage. She rinsed it out in the bathtub and we hung it on my porch to dry. I finished tying it...quickly because there was urine and I was grossed out. As soon as I was done we ripped all the safety pins out and threw it in the wash.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2000 - Valentine's Day

Soooo, I sort of got the idea to have a quilt for every Holiday....yeah...I was prolific even in the beginning.

Valentine's Day Split Rail Fence

I did six colors because I wanted it to look "WOVEN."

It's hanging from binder clips in front of my pantry. I started using the clips to clip up a flannel backed table cloth as a design wall.

Monday, May 26, 2008

2000 A quilt for me...sort of


Immediately after making Holly's Quilt I decided I was going to follow a pattern and make myself a split rail fence quilt. I got the top together and then....our friends got married so my quilt became their wedding gift.

Todd & Robin's Split Rail Fence Wedding Quilt

The picture is of Todd & Robin who unfortunately are no longer married. It's sad though cause they're both a LOT of fun. Sniffle, I miss Robin.

Anywho, off of my pity party...I sorta realized when I went to stitch in the ditch that my strips wern't sewn together that well. I'd later learn that I had a problem with my tension but at this point I didn't know what tension was. I FEATHER STITCHED on top of EACH FREAKING SEAM. Can you imagine how long that took me? Just so that the quilt wouldn't fall apart. As we left the house for the gift opening I said to Mike...don't point out that I screwed it up...PLEASE!! Knowing full well that Robin's mom was a quilter but I knew that she knew I was a newbie so she wouldn't have said anything but man...I didn't want it to be pointed out. What does Mike do? Point it out because he thinks the stitching is 'cool.' I thought I was going to DIE.

Oh, and the binding is actually hand stitched...we know in the land of Jen that hand stitching is rare.


Right after finishing theirs, I bought some more fabric to make one for myself. I couldn't find pink, so I bought red.

Barry & Jodie's Split Rail - Wedding Gift

Yeah, our friend Barry married Jodie and it became THEIR quilt.


I'm doomed, I swear it. But, I did try a third time!!

My Split Rail Fence

Finally, I got to keep one!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

1999 Holly's Quilt

We adopted Holly from the Humane Society on December 23rd, 1999. I made her this quilt on New Year's Eve. It's nothing more than tatters now...but she LOVES it still!!

Holly's Quilt

Now by this point...the only quilt that I had used a pattern for were those Christmas Wallhangings. I was a fly by the seat of my pants, figure it out as I went kinda gal.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

1999 - Christmas Gifts...It's ok to laugh

Every year I always tried to do some sort of homemade gift for family and friends. I think I picked this up from my cousin Susie who always did a homemade ornament every Christmas.

I had no clue what half square triangles were or flying geese but I felt the need to pull this block off of Quilter's Cache and sit down to make 30 of these blocks to use as that years Christmas Gift. OMG, I KNOW my friends and family did the smile and nod thing and thought to she kidding? Mike dutifully stained the dowels and drilled the holes.

Christmas Wall hanging

My tabs aren't even the same langth!! I know for a fact I didn't do those flying geese with the connector method but I AM impressed that those points aren't chopped off and that the pinweel totally meets in the middle. But those edges...where exactly did those points go? Sure, it was sewn and turned but really? Did I do a 3/4" seam or something??

This project DID get me through a tough time. My Grandpa died right before Thanksgiving and my dear dog Sherman died a week later. Yeah...lots of smiling and nodding from friends and family. I bet they were ready to put me in the funny farm!!!

Looking back, I can't help but dissolve into giggles......

Friday, May 23, 2008

1999 My Very First Projects

It was the Summer of 1999. I had just moved for the first time into an apartment. I happened to be at my Grandma's on one of her "throwing out" days. She'd do this periodically if she was frustrated with her vision. She has Macular Degeneration. On one said tossing out, my Mom went to visit and heard breaking glass. Mom ran down the stairs to find Grandma and Grandpa getting rid of old shit. The old 'shit' that they were breaking? Oodles of Depression Glass...because you see, they gave that 'shit' away free at the movies. Now, my mom was not a Depression Glass collector but having two friends that collect, she knew that there was quite a bit of money in those broken shards.

I remember it was hot. I found my Mom and Grandma in the attic (before my Mom moved in there). Grandma was going to throw out these boxes of fabric. Some were yardage, some were scraps. Mom and I rescued quite a bit of it. I also managed to go home with a rotary cutter, mat, rulers and her Singer 2010. I had no formal training but I figured I had watched them sew for how many years, surely I could figure it out.

After digging through my box I realized that I had a box full of flannel scraps and I recognized a large number of them. They were leftovers from the many pairs of pajamas and flannel shirts that my grandma had sewn and given as gifts all those years. I had a 6-1/2 inch square so I proceeded to cut everything in the box into 6-1/2" squares. Of course not knowing what I was doing I put that rotary mat directly on top of the carpet and started cutting. Yeah...not so smart!! I was making holes in the mat and just figured it was because it was brittle from being in the attic for so many years.

I knew nothing about 1/4" seam allowances or even seam accuracy but I didn't let that stop me. I sewed squares into pairs and then 4 patches and kept going until...I had 5 quilt tops. I also didn't realize at the time that I really needed to be taking pictures of these quilts so I only have a picture of three of them.

A Queen Sized one went to my cousin Keri. A twin sized one to my cousin Tracey's daughter Sammi. A twin sized one for my Grandma's 80th birthday. A twin for myself and the leftovers went into a baby sized quilt for my dog Sherman who had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Here are My Grandma's, Mine & Sherman's:

Grandma's Flannel

My Grandma's has started falling apart...and badly. One could say it's old fabric; 40+ years. Sure it was, but I know that a lot of the problem lies in my stitching. Most of it is too frayed to do anything with. Mine hasn't been out and used in quite a few years. I'm afriad to use it. It's in a box with Sherman's. One of these days I hope to pull mine out and do some machine quilting on it to keep it from self destructing since it's only tied at the moment.

Moving and Blogging

I really like to have a new blog post every day but you know...just how exciting is moving? Not at all. So unless I have something really profound to say I think I'm going to do a series on the quilts I've made before I started blogging. There's enough of them to keep you entertained for more than a few weeks but hopefully I'll return to regular blogging long before that.

It will be more story telling than anything but that's the type of writing that I can do without a lot of thinking.

I will say, I'm shocked at how my Moving Sale is doing. Now, if only I can find some scrapbook/card making/rubber stamping type buyers! I have a feeling a lot of that will end up on e-bay. But that's not the worst thing either. Maybe I can just pack some boxes of for sale stuff so that once I'm in my new digs they'll be easy to access and get started.

I'm having a hard time with this whole packing up to move thing. I know it has to be done. I know that it has to be done shortly. I know there's a lot to do. I can't make myself do it. Mike thinks I'm playing on my computer a lot of the time when really...I'm just staring into space. It just seems so overwhelming to me that it's paralyzing me. I was even working on a quilt top this weekend and you know...I couldn't even get excited about that. There is something definitely wrong with me. It's like a two month long panic attack.

The other thing that's on my mind is my day job. I just realized...I can't take a single day off until Mid-August. There's just something that makes you panic when you look at the calendar and can't take a day here or there if you should want to. Now, I can go months at a time without extra days off here and there...but this is really freaking me out. We have three sections to our sales department. Each section has a customer service rep and a technical sales rep. Only one person from each section can be out at any one given time and only one person per job title can be out during any given time. Clear as mud? A customer service rep is going to be out on maternity leave and for two weeks of that my technical sales rep will also be out. Seriously...I'm freaking out!!

So instead of being woe is me, we'll look at quilts that I've made!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Moving Sale

I have been thinking about my move and all the wonderful quilting and scrapbooking items that I've accumulated over the years. Truth is, I don't NEED all of the things that I have and others may find them of some use. I have so many books and patterns and my list of things I really, really want to make is already 100 miles long so there's no sense in moving books and patterns full of projects that might have looked great at one moment and today are low, low on my to do list. Same with scrapbooking. I have lots of tools that I'm never going to get around to using. It's time to shed myself of some of these things so that I don't have to move them, meanwhile grow my sewing machine fund. I've tossed around ideas of ebay, etsy and craig's list. I'm used to blogging. Blogging I can do quickly. So I'm going to run my own moving sale on a blog. Anything that I don't end up selling prior to my move I'll attempt to sell later on ebay.

How's this going to work? I will list each item in a separate blog entry. First person to comment saying they want the item will be the new owner. If you really, really want something and someone else has already nabbed it; comment anyway in case the deal falls through.

Shipping, how is shipping going to work? Well, I think that will be a work in progress. I'm not looking to make anything off of the shipping. I'm going to attempt to list weights in each auction. When possible I'd like to use some of the flat rate options that the post office has. If I have an idea of what size envelope or box an item will fit in, I will list that as well.

Payment, how is payment going to work? I'd LOVE to take PayPal for as many transactions as possible. It's just easy for all parties involved. Or, you can send a check.

Got questions? Ask them!

The Blog address for my moving sale is: Throw it on your RSS feeds and check in often. You never know what I'm going to come up with!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eye Candy

Here it is, the finished quilt for my friend Shell.

Shell's Wedding Quilt

Here's the Pillow Shams & Cases

Pillow Shams & Pillow Cases for Shell

Shell's pillow shams

I know you've seen the cases and shams before but I thought it would be nice to re-cap with the whole set. I'm so excited, I can't wait to give them to her tomorrow!

After being at the shop tonight, I went out for ice cream with my cousin April. Wow, we walked into a Culver's that was full of high school kids dressed up in black and white. Band nerds, they had to have been band nerds straight from a band concert. I can call them Band Nerds, I was one myself. I played the flute.

What instrument did you play?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sucked. We'll leave it at that. I had a very long winded woe-is-me post typed up and then I one wants to hear this shit. So I'll just hit a few points and put that day behind me.

  • Wasn't getting any answers from the management of the townhouse and was worried that we were going to have to find somewhere else to live and pronto.
  • Was accidentially told our move in date would be July 15th...flipped out.
  • Went to rental office in person. Corrected move in date is June 15th. Still sucks but is better than being homeless for 24 days. Can't take any vacation time to move because my co-worker will be on a 2 week vacation during that time. Jen looks like an ass because of mis-communication with her HUSBAND.
  • Needed to go to my Dad's to pick up boxes, said we'd take them out for dinner. Dad starts rattling off fast food places. I'm like...someplace without a drive through? Picks a place, we move on.
  • Hand on the door when he says, this place is sooo cool you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. Jen and Mike both have deer in headlight look (Waves hands...severe peanut allergy here and I don't have to ingest it to have a reaction), think to myself; how the F do we get out of this without me looking like a whiney person?? Proceed inside and keep mouth shut popping two preventative benadryl's. Dad proceeds to eat peanuts, enjoying himself because he can toss them on the floor...I'm trying to not touch anything. He says he'll make sure he washes his hands before getting in the truck so there's no transfer on the door handle. Think to self, Ok you get it're missing a major chunk of this...I keep my mouth shut.
  • Get in truck, proceed to scratch every orafice of my body that I can get to. Go to grocery store with Mike, walk around like I'm drunk and yet I've only had raspberry lemonade. Come home, get out of truck, throw up. Get in house, Mike prepares me a bucket for just in case. Mike questions if Epi Pen is needed.
  • Go to Bed.


Monday, May 19, 2008

There was a contest...

And you didn't even know it. I guess I'm sneaky that way!

You may or may not have noticed but I recently added a widget to my sidebar that shows my top commenters. The widget pulls data from the 500 most recent comments so the numbers may go up or down depending on the day. Moneik is by far my top commenter. Today it shows up as her having 76 comments, with the next in line being Michelle with 45.

The prize? Well, knowing Moneik LOVES purple, I saw the perfect fabric for her while at the shop. I bought us each a "chunk." I don't know why, but I like to call yardage a chunk. Giggle. Anyway it's a striped batik. I saw a picture of an ORANGE quilt on Julie's At Market Blog. The stripes on the fabric are straight, I just have it folded on the diagonal for effect. Another fabulous use for this fabric would be a Mock Bargello. I saw it done on a Fons & Porter episode with a gradient fabric. I think this would work the same way. Sew it in a tube, cut it into strips and then slit it again where you want it opened up, sew your strips back together and you've got a bargello with half the work put into it!!




Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

Well, after being up until like 3am, I didn't wake up until 11am. Holly and I slept in, big time! Of course when I woke up I felt like I had a hang over and then I realized; Jen you idiot, you slept with the window open. Which, is a big no no in my world because of my allergies. A few allergy pills later, I was better but way sleepy.

First got to my Mom's around 3. I kept working on the Peace on Earth quilt. It shouldn't be too long now before that top can go together. Now I'll be sewing the pieces into rows next.

I left to pick Mike up from the airport around 8:20. I figured with his flight coming in at 8:30 I'd get there right about the time he was picking his luggage up and maybe I could avoid going into the terminal. I took Mike's truck because I wasn't sure if we were going to be taking his brother home or not. I pull into the parking structure with the truck and my life starts flashing before my eyes. OMG, bad move. I'd really like to know just how tall the truck actually is. I was ducking. And really, what good was ducking going to do me?? The clearance said 7 feet but then there were parts of the structure that said it was a 6'2" clearance. Yeah, I really didn't think I could make it though that!! I ended up backing up a bit to go down a different asile. Yeah...never again. Really though, I think we need to measure it's height!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Freshly Squeezed Saturday

Ohhhhhh pretty!!! I fell in love with the new Moda line called Fresh Squeezed and decided that this wallhanging would look great in my new kitchen...once I HAVE a kitchen that is. I might have to get a little yardage too so I can make a table topper. My dishes are blue and yellow so this should work out nicely and give the kitchen some zip.

Isn't it just fabulous? I've already decided I'm going to do my own thing and finish those blue squares in a different way. You'll just have to wait and see what I'm up to. I'm also not so sure about the whole needle turn applique for the circles...there might have to be a little heat and bond action with a zig zag stitch.

Later on in the afternoon I went over to my Mom's to visit with her and my Grandma. My Grandma was in a really good mood so it was a lot of fun. I took Shell's Snapshots quilt with me to bind. I still need to take it's picture but I think it's going to take two people to hold it up and another to snap the picture. I'm waiting on that until Mike comes home. I'm really happy with how the project has turned out. I just hope now that she LOVES it!

I started working on another quilt called Peace On Earth. I guess I'll just do anything to not pack boxes! Kidding, I'll pack eventually. It would really help if I had a move in date. I need to have this quilt top done by the end of May and since that is right around the corner, no time like the present to start it. Grandma was giving me crap about how she was sure I'd have it done by the end of the night.

At 10 to 8, my Grandma started talking about wanting a Body Pillow so we jumped in the car and headed to Walmart. I was surprised when she wanted to go. We plopped her in a wheel chair and I proceeded to push her around the store and by the time we left, I was spinning her in circles to get a good laugh out of her. Then, I suggested Hot Fudge Sundae's from McDonalds. It was about 9:30 when we got home and my Grandma stayed up till 10:30-11. Mom and I were shocked.

I did get a few steps of the quilt done and had I not been so tired I would have stayed up to sew more. As it was I didn't get home from my Mom's until 2:30am!!

Here's a picture of the top that I'm working on:

Friday, May 16, 2008


Aren't they the greatest? They send the BEST things in the mail!!

I should have posted this a week or so ago but my Memory Card was that as, right in front of my face!! Kristie sent me a roll of fat quarters that are positively right up my alley and beautiful!!



Moneik sent me a circle stitcher for my Janome 6600 since my dealer didn't have it in stock. Now I'll send her the check for it and some sort of fabric surprise as a thank you.

Circle Stitcher

Mike left for Boston this morning to see the Brewers/Red Sox series. The Friday game got cancelled due to rain. I had such large plans for the evening and instead I sat on the couch reading Pioneer Woman! I am now completely caught up from beginning to present. That was a LOT of posts to read but I'm sooo glad that I did.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quilting in Parts

When I last left off with the Snapshots quilt it was to finish at 93 x 111. Since my frame is 92" wide I had to figure out a way to get this quilt done. I left a border off; leaving the quilt top 87 x 111. I cut the backing down so that it would be aboule 84 inches wide. The batting was about 80 inches wide. I stippled the whole top staying about 6 inches short from the right side which is the side I left the border off of. When I was finished quilting I removed it from the frame.

Tonight I pulled back the backing and batting layer and sewed the border on. No problems there. Next I pulled the batting and top back and sewed on the backing strip. No problems there either. Then, I pulled the quilt top and quilt backing aside and zig-zagged the batting strip on using my stitch in the ditch foot. I made the zig zag as wide and as long as my machine would allow. I butted one edge of the batting up to the stitch in the ditch guide and then butted the strip of batting up to the other side of the stitch in the ditch guide and zig-zagged them. I've used this method of joining batting for quite some time. With frame quilting there's always long strips of batting left over. Piece enough of them together and you have a pretty healthy size of batting left over. Sometimes I use them of baby quilts or smaller craft projects. Once it's quilted, you'd never know.

Now I straightened out all three layers. At this point I should have basted the unquilted parts with saftey pins or my basting gun. I uh...didn't do that. I know I should have, it would have gone easier but I just didn't have it in me! So, should you try this, I really recommend taking the time to do the basting. I also should have gone to my Mom's house to do the remaining quilting. She's got this fantastic new table that has a LOT of room to the left of the needle. My plastic tables are also at her house, I could have put one or two of them in front of the machine to take the weight of the quilt. Instead I opted like an idiot to struggle.

I had some machine tension issues right off the bat. This has nothing to do with the way I was quilting. I'm not so sure why I had these issues, nothing I did corrected it. I wish I would have taken pictures so that someone could have explained my problem to me. I'm not a bobbin case tension adjustor. I've never done it. My top thread was getting all weird and ending up on the back in gobs. I opened everything up, cleaned it all, re-threaded and it continued to happen. Then out of no where it stopped. There must have been a thread caught somewhere along the line and it worked it's way out and then all was good with the world.

I stippled and I had problems with the weight of the quilt...but I knew that would happen. I didn't baste so I have a few puckers on the back. But, not bad enough to rip it all out. Once it's washed and dried a few times you'll never know they were there.

It was easy enough to do the quilt this way. I feel very liberated! I succeeded. I found a way to use my own quilting set up, without purchasing something additional and quilted a quilt that was larger than it.

I didn't take pictures, I know you all wanted me to. But there was nothing really to take pictures of that would have showed anything.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Pioneer Woman

Why have I been so quiet you ask? Well, I've been introduced to a new blog. I went back to the beginning and am slowly making my way through. I'm fascinated. I'm starting to think it's partly because I'm so in love with Laura Ingalls Wilder and Little House on the Prairie.

I know, you're all on the edges of your seats...what could this blog possibly be?

I can't put it down. It's better than a good book. She's an awesome photographer. Her humor is hilarious. Fantastic writer. I can't stop reading. I still have about a year of her life left to read before I'm caught up.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Nano for my Nerd

...uh I mean Husband.

With the upcoming move of which we still have no nailed down date we're trying to curb our spending because there always ends up being stuff that you need to buy when you move. With that being said, Mike is flying to Boston this weekend to see the Brewers play the Red Sox. He announced he was going to be sooooo bored on the plane and made a comment that went something like this, "You think my wife would buy me a nano since I'm the one taking care of all the details for our move." Followed by a giant sigh and a pathetic look. I told him we should just go buy him one and be done with it. "No, I'll just go sit on the plane and be bored." he says, in a martyr voice that I thought only I could pull off as I see him eyeing my pretty pink nano. Uhhh, no way buddy.

I have a sewing maching fund. I decided to dip into it to buy him a nano. I got it at lunch and still had enough time to drive past his work and drop it off...thinking he'd be all excited. I call and tell him to meet me outside in two minutes. His response, "You didn't buy the damn thing did you?" I wanted to cry...I mean it WAS money from my sewing machine fund. I drop it off and tell him it was from my fund and I go on my merry way. A few hours later he sends me this email:

From: Mike
To: Jen
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 2:06:58 PM
Subject: thank you

For being a butt head and getting me something nice like this…..


It's a good thing Butt Head is a term of endearment of some sort in our household.

Mike had to go help his brother which left me home to work on the ipod install. I set it up on his desktop and then I started attempting to copy music from my PC to his. He had most of the music already but needed the stuff that I had put onto discs that we purchased previously from Napster. By the time I was done, out of his 80GB hard drive, he had 6MB left. So then, I had to spend time freeing stuff up. I found 11GB. Now while he's gone I'll go through more to see what else I can get rid of.

Like me, he just keeps's so tiny!! This ipod is just such a difference from our previous Dell MP3 players, it's not even funny. He's blown away that he can download a movie or a few tv shows. Podcasts; that's like talk radio ON DEMAND!!

So honey, have fun...I might even show you where you can find 'classic' Brewer games to re-listen to in the same way you re-watch them on ESPN.