Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Final Day of Competition

I was up early because it was the last day of the competition. I knew in order to keep my lead I had to get some serious sewing in before work. I got all of the moons appliqued.

I got ready for work, grabbed a can of soda and my fabric/paper scissors to throw in my purse along with the moons and stars to cut out and off I went.

I got to work to find that my can of soda and scissors was missing but, I had my tube of toothpaste in my purse!!

I was so exhausted that I grabbed the wrong stuff!! On my way into work I do remember thinking, did I rinse my mouth when I was done brushing my teeth? My teeth had that gritty baking soda tooth paste feel to them.

Thank god it was the last day of competition.

When I got home from work I hit the sewing room. Around 6:30 I was ready to drop. I needed a nap. Mike made dinner. I still felt sleepy after eating it. He went to run errands and my mom came over to keep me awake and brought me a bag of chocolate. YUM. Who am I to turn down chocolate? Mike came home from his errands and brought in a gigantic French Vanilla Iced Coffee to give me a blast of caffeine.

Now I was re-energized. I had the gumption to go on. I finished the applique, I added eyes and mouths to my stars using my machine. Put the blocks together, scrounged up strips for my piano key border and wallah, it’s a baby quilt:


You know what the best thing is? I made it entirely from my scraps!! And you all know I’m NOT a scrap quilt person. This planned scrappy is just about all I can take in the scrappy world. It’s just not me. But this sure is cute! The other moons and stars are ready to go as well. I just need to start appliqueing them. Actually, I need to cut the background squares first. I’m sort of low in the blue scrap department so I probably will switch that to a yellow piano key border because I have LOADS of yellow. I think I’ll also put blocks with yellow backgrounds in the corners instead of the blue.

At 11:15 central time I was at an even 184 hours. I knew at that point that Moneik couldn’t make a come from behind win because she had instant messaged to say that as soon as she hit 180 hours she was going to bed; it was 10:15 her time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Working on Winning

I’m writing this post late because I’ve been so exhausted. What can I say, the competition wore me out!!

I received my Café Press order in the mail. I forgot to take a picture of my mom’s t-shirt before I dropped it off. The only difference is, mine is a black v-neck t-shirt and hers is a white scoop neck t-shirt. FYI, they look way better in person than in the pictures. My new camera; sometimes the colors that come out of it aren’t that great. =(


I also made a few items with my Cre8tive Quilter blog header; minus the “insane ramblings” part.

I got Cre8tive Quilter and Survivor Stickers. Not sure what I’ll put them on yet but you never know!


I got a Cre8tive Quilter Hat and I forgot to change the mode to “up close” when I shot it so it’s a little on the blurry side:


And also a t-shirt:


Wednesday night I spent quite a bit of time tracing and cutting and starting to appliqué stars and moons for a baby quilt.

I actually fell asleep at my sewing machine. I remember leaning my head against the sewing machine to watch myself appliqué because I just couldn’t hold my head up.

I know there wasn’t much time that passed but still…I work up and thought, CRAP!!! By the time I fell into bed I was just delirious and yet; I couldn’t fall asleep once in bed. I just kept thinking…Moneik is going to beat me if I just give up like this. I got back out of bed for another hour and traced more moons and stars; enough for a 2nd moon and star quilt.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday was Tremdously Quilty

I hit the ground running as soon as I stepped out of the car. I ran right up to my bedroom to change clothes and I sat down for a EQ6 session. I'm trying to design a shade/cascade type quilt for our living room. I know what I want, I know how to make the blocks; I just need to figure out how I'm setting them so that it looks 3-D. I also need to make it wider but that's not so easy! I'm definitely building my own pattern here. Before I knew it Mike had dinner ready and Mom was walking in the front door. 5 minutes and two slices of pizza later I was back in the sewing room!

I put the Circle Stitcher on my machine. It works very easy but for the size of the circles I wanted to do; I'd have a lot of open space in the centers. I resolve to use it again and again and again though. Wouldn't it be awesome for raw edge applique? Lots of circles on a baby quilt? That would be some serious cuteness!! So I ripped what I had and decided I was done with it. It's not my favorite piece; but I think that's because I did so much ripping on it. Not sure if it will immediately hang in my sewing room or if I'll hang it at work for a while. The binding is what I hand sewed yesterday at the Brewer Game.


Moving right along I put the borders on April's quilt. It's now ready to be quilted. I need to pick up backing fabric but that's no biggie. I think it looks REALLY sharp and it went together more quickly than I had anticipated. If I were ever to start doing commissions, I wouldn't mind doing t-shirt quilts. They're pretty straight forward. Now, we'll see if I'm still singing this tune once I quilt it!!!


Part of me would LOVE to use red for the binding, but the sane part of me respects April's opinion so I'll leave it black. Regardless, it will look fabulous!!

Moving right along I decided it was time to do 'something' with the Sweet Baby Jane panel that's been hanging out in my stash for going on a year. I originally purchased it to use for a baby quilt. When the time to make it up I realized what a bizzare shape it was and that it really DIDN'T look like a baby panel. I also had a charm pack. Every time I went to make a girl quilt, I'd pull it out, look at it and it would end up back in my stash. Enough is enough, it was time to act. I had 37 charms, so I added an additional few pink squares, sewed it into 4 rows, staggered them and now it's square at 44 x 44. It's an optical illusion now though because it looks kind of odd. I guess I should have used the other two rows for the top and bottom. Whatever...another baby quilt is now marked off my list and is in the 'to be quilted' pile. All I need to purchase now is binding unless I just pick a pink out of my stash and go with it. You know, I think that's what I'm going to do!


In a last ditch effort to get more hours in I decided to trace the applique pieces for another baby quilt. This one is stars and moons from the book Quilts, Bibs, Blankies...Oh My! by Kim Schaefer. I'd like to mention that Kim is from Brookfield, WI so for you local quilters, she's a local girl too. =) Her pattern company is called, "The Little Quilt Company." I urge you all to go look, her patterns are just adorable.

I also bought this pattern and plan to make a few of the items for myself and for gifts this year. I simply LOVE Snowmen and HERS are beyond adorable.

Anyway, first I was just going to trace the stars and moons. Next thing I knew I was digging out scraps to iron the heat and bond to. Then wouldn't you know it...I cut the stars and moons out. It's going to be a fun quilt. The background will be scrappy cotton and the applique pieces are flannel. It will be nice texture.


By the time I went to bed I was exhausted. But man, I'm really rocking the baby quilt world!

At this point, I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. Getting the most hours to win the contest, Getting to see all of my accomplishments this month written down and blogged about on the 31s; that has to be SOME list, Getting some much needed sleep or Getting my machine which; fingers crossed should be here on Thursday. But you know me and Murphy's law...we're won't be here till next week FOR SURE!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

*$&%^)# Cubs

They beat my Brew Crew! Mike and I left for the game almost immediately after we got home from work. I had my backpack packed with the McKenna Ryan Gingerbread Lane applique pieces and my circle wallhanging. We went so early because it was a sell out and we wanted to try and get one of the stand alone tables instead of sitting in our seats. I seem to have better luck sitting at the tables allergy wise. I know I'm about to make this irrational statement because I'm allergic to nuts but seriously, what is with the amount of peanuts that people consume at ball games?? They must be ridiculously bloated for the next few days with all that salt.

I had my applique pieces all cut out by about the 2nd inning. I was able to get the binding sewn down on the circle wallhanging. I'm surprised at how much I can get done during a game while watching it. You figure you just look down long enough to stick the needle in the backing and binding then look up again to pull it taunt.

We were stuck in the lot for quite a while after the I wrapped clothesline for my never ending 'bushel basket.' I'm soo hoping that this last 100 feet makes it tall enough for what I want to use it for.

When I came home I was absolutley exhausted and went straight to bed. Probably not the best move for the last week of survivor but I probably would have cut myself had I headed into the sewing room.

About the whole Music on Blogs thing...I wasn't pointing out one person in particular. It just seems that every day I'm marking a new one as a blog with music. There have to be about 20 out of the 150+ blogs that I subscribe to. After looking at all of the comments that people left liking the music players or not liking the music players I noticed a trend. Do you realize that most of the haters are laptop users and most of the indifferent people are PC users? What does this mean? PC users probably don't mind as much because they can just reach over to the speaker and turn the volume down. Us laptop users; we don't have a knob. For me it's Control +F3 for down, Control +F4 for up and Control + F5 to Mute. However, I've pretty much worn out the F3 and F5 buttons. It boils down to this, it has nothing to do with the choice of music; it has to do with having the $hit scared out of you when you're not expecting loud music to come blaring out of your computer.

April's T-Shirt Quilt

I was just directed to this blog; Fiber Babble and OMG, the first entry is PRICELESS and totally sums up how I feel about music on blogs. I realize I can 'turn it off' but you know what? I've stopped commenting on the blogs that have music because I'd rather AVOID having to hit pause just to read and comment on a blog. 90% of the time I'm listening to my own music through the computer or an audio book and I really don't want to hear blog music on top of that. The mute toggle keys on my laptop is pretty worn out from how often I need to use it. It's not at all responsive anymore. If I'm surfing from bed so that I don't fall asleep on the couch and I wake Mike up because of a blog..yeah him and I would both be pissed!

I read blogs through Bloglines now so that I don't have to hear the music. I've got them sorted so that I know the ones that are music blogs and which ones are not. I don't visit the actual pages of the music blogs anymore, I just read the content and move along. I'm sorry but that's how I've chosen to deal with it because it's a feature I just can't stand. Props to your individuality, but here's my individuality, it's called avoidance!

I got up early this morning to work on April's T-Shirt Quilt. I've got it all assembled now. I had her take a look at the picture and we're just going to do a black border with black binding. I've got the black already so I should be able to get that on tonight after the game.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Will run for Pancakes

Holly was excited as we had pancakes for breakfast. She gets SOOOO excited. She doesn't get much in the lines of people food but there's not much to a pancake. I've gotta get a video of her doing it once, she hops up and down and runs around. Yeah, that's a lot of movement for our girl. She's just not much into running!!

Mike was off to the Brewer Game and I got right to work in my sewing room. I put the header on the shower curtain that I'm making. I didn't take it's picture because it looks pretty much the same as before; the header only ended up being 2 inches high because the shower curtain was already the right size. My backing fabric is already washed and ironed so it's just waiting now to be quilted.

Since I have like 12 baby quilts to get made I decided to cut up and sew another Yellow Brick road quilt. I know, I do this pattern way too often but it's so easy for a baby quilt. Think of it this way; if you had 12 to make you'd probably use a super simple pattern too!!!



Next I came to the realization that I needed something small to work on to take to the next days Brewer Game. Hmmmm. I decided to trace the pattern pieces and iron on some heat and bond so that I can cut little pieces out for a Christmas McKenna Ryan Wallhanging.


I also threw the binding on my circle wall hanging. Yes, I've yet to quilt the circles with the circle stitcher but at least the binding is ready for hand sewing if I need it.

I hand sewed for a bit on my Moda U Post card Quilt. The binding is now completely sewn down and I only have about 20 more inches on the hanging sleeve.

Next up for assembly was April's T-shirt quilt. I got it this far before going to bed:


All in all Sunday brought me 11.75 hours.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shade Cascade

I got an early start on Saturday Morning. I had Mike wake me up when he went golfing so I could get some sewing time in before work. I was able to get my purple blocks almost done. I realized I had mis-cut and didn't have enough fabric to cut a new piece so I took what I had and pieced it all back together and re-cut. We're quilters darn it. You can't tell me that the pioneers in our field tossed out a piece of fabric because they cut it wrong. Once it's quilted and on the wall no one will notice.


I headed off to work and we had a really busy day. The time went super fast. I bought 2 panels that I'm giong to quilt with dwirling and use as baby boy quilts. I fell in LOVE with these panels.

This is my backing.

This is my binding.

I can't wait to quilt them. I think it's beyond adorable.

When I got home I immediately hit my sewing room and Mom joined me to sew. She started working on a Christmas Quilt and then got the idea to make her co-worker a quilt as a gift as she just put in her notice at work. We were brainstorming when I remembered that I had 12 fat quarters that I bought at the last Fat Quarter Frenzy that matched. They were coffee prints and I got them just incase I needed a quick gift. Mom whipped it together and now just needs borders and binding.


I was able to get my last block for Shade Cascade made before dinner.


Then I quickly laid it out before we ate.


TIP: I've started numbering my blocks once I lay them out and then pin that to the middle of each block. That way I always know what order and what direction they go in. This is really saving me a lot of time. I leave the labels pinned in place until I'm finished assembling.

I fell in love with it. I ate at lightening speed just so I could go assemble it and see the finished product.


Next up was to put the border on my Smores quilt. The picture isn't that great. I was holding the quilt and mom was taking the picture with my camera and neither of us realized it was on night mode. I'll get a better picture of it once I've got it quilted.


Once it's quilted, I have jumbo brown rick-rack that will get sewn between the quilt and the border. It's going to be SOOOO cute!!!!

I think that's it. I shouldn't say 'it' because it's a lot that I got done in 9.5 hours!!!

I almost forgot the most important thing. I got a phone call about my Babylock QCP for my frame. I guess it's stuck at the freight forwarder until the LTL has enough for an entire load to the area. A new machine and regulator was ordered for me separately now and it should be here by's keeping my fingers crossed because now I have one heck of a pile that needs to be quilted!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Got a late start but...

I did manage to pull off 4 hours at least. We had a 30th Anniversary party at work so I didn't get home until about 8:30. Mike was at the Brewer Game and I realized we were out of soda. It had been a long day so I was in serious need of caffeine. After chatting with Jill for a few minutes I decided to head over to Super America to get some Coke Zero. I treated myself to a Cherry Slushy too. Honestly, how did I go so long not realizing you could get them there??

Once at home it was time to hit the quilt stuido with full force. I decided to start on my Shade Cascade quilt. It was super easy to make because it's just 1/4 log cabins but the design emerges all due to the color shading and placement. It's definitely a concept I'd like to play with again. What made this quilt so much fun was actually the way the fabric is printed. You get 4 gradiations in one cut of fabric. Isn't that the coolest concept?

Karen Combs is the designer of this pattern and I recently found that she is also a blogger. I was able to get the pink cut apart and those blocks made.


Then I was just mentally exhausted from the day and went to bed.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

100,000th Visitor

After work tonight I went over to Patched Works for Chelsy and Jessie's graduation party. The ladies had all made quilt blocks for a graduation quilt for each of them before I had started there. They were both sooo excited about their quilts. Terri made them each a pillow case but instead of a flange she used giant rick rack. It was beyond cute and it's something I have to do and soon!!!

When I got home I continued on with hand sewing my binding on my Moda-U Post Card quilt. It's taking long enough but I'll get there sooner or later!!!

I'm happy to report that Moneik was my 100,000th visitor. It's fitting because we met right at the time we each started our quilt blogs and found that we had a lot in common including our sewing machines. She even made a .jpg file of the counter for me!!

Here's a picture of her prize. A Flirtations Charm Pack and a spool of Aurifil thread.

Enjoy! I'll get your prize out shortly. =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 37...

***I'm on the hunt for my 100,000th visitor. It should happen sometime this week. There will be a prize involved, so if you are that 100,000th visitor make sure you put your visitor number in a comment and leave me your email address if it isn't attached to your blogger profile.***

On to why you're really here...the quilty goodness. I've got NO pictures today. Nope. Not unless you want me to start taking pictures of the floor in my sewing room. Everyday I go to work and the garbage is IN the garbage. Everyday I come home from work and the garbage is ON the floor. Gee, I believe my fur kid likes scraps. Sigh. Must head to walmart to find a tall almost kitchen size garbage can with a lid on it to sit under my cutting table. Then I can just put regular sized garbage bags in it instead of having to run down to the kitchen to empty it all the time. Now...if I can find that in PINK I'll be in business!!

I had to shop for a pair of black pants and then I stopped at a sewing machine store to check their price on a machine and stitch regulator for my Little Gracie Frame.

So here's my dilemma...On June 17th; 37 days ago I ordered a machine and stitch regulator from my local dealer. The dealer has fantastic and fast repair service and always has great prices. I was quoted a special price and honestly...I think he probably quoted too low and is just putting my machine off instead of saying, hey; I screwed up it should be $XYZ. Bottom line is; deal or no deal; I WANT THE MACHINE. I'm ready for the machine. I saved for it; I'm ready to pay cash.

A few weeks back my Mom stopped at the dealer and did some "research." Basically at that point my machine was ordered no where in their system. She was told it would be in the next week. The next week came and went. Last Saturday we were in there again and I was told Monday. I worked Monday night so I waited till Tuesday after work to call and again was told it hadn't arrived yet. I'm giving lots of time in between calls but I'm starting to feel like a stalker. I'm always told it's not there yet and that it's on it's way. It's not like I'm being told it's on backorder...that would be a different story.

How many days does a person wait for a product that they've ordered before they pull the plug and decide to go elsewhere? I don't want to get into a pissing match; I LIKE my dealer; a lot. But a good price on a machine isn't worth beans if I can't get the machine in my hot little hands. When I ordered it; I even asked if they wanted me to come and and put money down on it but I was told no.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to avoid confrontation at all costs. I like my dealer...but this time around...things aren't going to swell.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anyone up for S'mores??

I fell asleep on the couch last night; so this morning Mike woke me up at 5:30 when he got up for work. Instead of chancing oversleeping I got up and hit the sewing room. laid out my Bakers Square Quilt and got each row layered in piles for sewing. I got 1.5 hours in before I went to work. At lunch I hand sewed for 30 minutes.

On my way home from work I decided to stop at the New Berlin library and see if I could get a library card with my change of address form. It worked!! I finally have access to the most awesome library. I loaded up on like 6 audio books. Yahoooooooo!!!

When I came home from work I hit the ground running.

My top is together! Now I need to decide on borders. The size is decieving in this picture. What's a girl to do when the quilt holder is in bed? It's currently 54 X 76.



Isn't it wonderfully whimsical? I LOVE it!!

I'm back in the lead for the competition. Wahooo!!!

I'm on the hunt for my 100,000th visitor. It should happen sometime this week yet. There will be a prize involved, so if you are that 100,000th visitor make sure you put your visitor number in a comment and leave me your email address if it isn't attached to your blogger profile.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Gadget Girl reports in.

A dark horse has come from behind and is currently in the lead in our Survivor competition! OMG!! Moneik is in the lead and Jill and I are tied.

I was up early this morning so I got caught up on my blogging so I thought that since I'm a self proclaimed Gadget Girl, I'd share my new favorite Gadgets.

The first one on my list is the Bissel Spot Bot. I LOVE this thing. Fill it up, plop it on the spot, hit a button, it cleans the spot. Fantastic for pet accidents, odd gunk that the hubster has stuck to the bottom of his shoes, general dumb things that I do; etc. Freaking fabulous. I know eventually we'll buy a regular carpet cleaner but for now, this thing is the bomb. I bought it on sale at Kohls.

The second item on my list is my Dirt Devil Kone Cordless Hand Vac. First of all, it totall matches the color scheme of my Quilt Studios. Second of's awesome for cleaning up the teeny dog ears from half square triangles, lint that I've brushed out of my sewing machine, long pieces of thread that I fling onto the quilt frame as I work. It's great for the days that Holly decides to rummage in my quilting garbage and deposits little bits of fabric EVERYWHERE and of course, awesome to get all the little bits of paper off the table after I take it off of a paper pieced block. LOVE IT!! Also from Kohls.

The third item on my must have Gadget List is the Ped Egg. Seriously, I was skeptical. I've always been a fan of the 2 times per year pedicure but you know what, it's towards the end of July and I've yet to have time to go for one. I have bad heels. Horribly bad heeles. Nasty even. I typically would use one of those heel shaver dealys but you need to have taken the time to dip your feet so that the water softens the skin...I just don't have that time or patience these days. One of my Aunt's mentioned the Ped Egg and how great it was. I was still skeptical. Finally when we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond over the weekend I purchased one.

The thing is FRIGGING AWESOME!! You can even buy replacement cheese graters; oh, I mean shavers. Giggle. You use it on dry feet and it really is like a super fine cheese grater and my heels were smooth in no time at all. Ok, so I was a bit grossed out at the amount of dead skin that collected in the egg but beyond, I LOVE it.

The last item really isn't a gadget; it's a light. I'll admit that I looked through the paper and passed right over it until Mike brought the flyer up to quilt studio west and pointed it out. Bed Bath and Beyond....$19.99! I'm betting my light bulbs cost more than the lamp because Mike put the energy efficient squiggly deals in it. It has three settings. The two lighter colored lamps or the three darker colored lamps, or all 5. I've found that I haven't even been using my ott lamps as much in my studio. Isn't it fun, funky and way cool??? I LOVE it!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sewing on Sunday

Let's see, I continued working on last months blocks for the Kaliedascope of Color quilt. I like the way these blocks turn out but I'm totally burnt out on them. Yes, I realize it's my fault that I had like 4 sets to catch up on but's just NOT a block of the's several blocks each month. Pretty, but my god, I'm glad I'm done till next month. This set of 4 blocks had to have taken like 6+ hours. Not because they were difficult; no they were pretty darn easy. They were just extremely time consuming.


Then I gave Mom a refresher course on paper piecing and she made her friendship block.



I think her block turned out fabulously!!

I sewed the binding and hanging sleeve on to my Moda U quilt. Now I have something to hand sew during lunch time.

Before bed I decided to cut a new quilt. It's Baker's Square from Me and My Sister Designs. I'm using the Smores fabric by Moda.


All in all it was a productive weekend. I'm sad that it's over.

Can you believe that Jill and I are tied?!?!?!?!!?!?