Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Quilting Accomplishments

  1. Got acquainted with my new Babylock Quilters Choice Pro and Grace Sure Stitch.
  2. Quilted two construction panels for baby gifts.
  3. Organized my fabric stash.
  4. Quilted, bound, labeled and gifted the Sweet Baby Jane Quilt.
  5. Pieced and assembled the Let it Snow quilt top.
  6. Quilted, bound and labeled April's T-Shirt Quilt.
  7. Made a Pink Batik Stitchin Chix Bag.
  8. Made one block for my Friday BOM quilt.
  9. Made a 'You've got the Notions' Stitchin Chix Bag.
  10. Quilted, Bound, Labeled and gifted a Cute YBR Baby Quilt.
  11. Quilted, Bound and hung a silly fat quarter wallhanging in QSE.
  12. Made 8 pillow cases including one for mom and I.
  13. Made the center medallion for my Friday BOM Quilt.
  14. Quilted Kristie's Bargello.
  15. Assembled what I could of my Friday BOM Quilt.
  16. Worked on my Pink and Black Packages Quilt
  17. Cut some circles for Heather's Yo-Yo's.

It wasn't as productive a month as July's Quilt Survivor but I still got a heck of a lot accomplished. September's theme is going to be to work on and finish things that will decorate our home.

Quilt Tested, Holly Approved

Before I left for work I loaded my shower curtain onto the frame. I was dying to start but I really had to go to work!

I finally remembered to bring home the snowflake quilt so that I can put the binding on it. I quickly did that before going to my dad's for a cookout. I decided that I should hand sew the binding...yeah I think I'm nuts. So that will be my big project this next coming week. I'd like to take it back to work by Friday/Saturday.

By the time I got home from the cookout I was toast. I was just so exhausted so I went to bed and called it a day.

I'll leave you all with a funny picture. Imagine if you will, Mike sitting on the couch on the right side. Holly on the left side. I come downstairs to have Mike take a picture of Kristie's quilt and the BOM. As I'm holding the BOM up, Holly scoots over and rests her head on Kristie's if to claim it. We were both laughing so hard. It's at an odd angle because Mike was holding the camera up in the air trying to catch the picture without her moving.


So there you go Kristie...your quilt has been Holly approved.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lots of Saturday Sewing

Maureen spent the day with me on Saturday. We sewed and sewed. I think Maureen was a good luck charm because while she was here I didn't have any other problems quilting Kristie's Bargello.

Kristie's Bargello


Maureen hopped from project to project before settling in. Then needing some stitch and tear we ran over to the J store only to find that they didn't have any. So, we bought a few silly little things. I picked up two magazines that we don't have at PW because they had interesting projects in them, some grosgrain ribbon and a kit kat bar because it was now about 2 and neither of us had had breakfast OR lunch. We had IHOP for lunch then and then came back to sew. We were working on our BOM centers. I got my quilt together. There are still 3 more months worth of blocks for us to get and put together. They will go with another that I've got made in the bottom row. Then I'll decide what to do for the border. Once those blocks are done the quilt will be put together in no time.


Maureen then started work on her Halloween wallhanging so I worked on my black and pink packages quilt.


Somewhere in that we went to Penzy's, Best Buy and for Slushies! I cut out about half of the yo-yo's that I'm planning to send to Heather. Hopefully we can have our box together by middle of this week. It was a nice, quilty day.

Speaking of Yo-Yo's. I have the Olfa circle cutter. I've found that the circle cutter works really well on the June Tailor cutting mat. It's funny because prior to cutting circles I had decided I hated that mat!


Hot Button Topics

For the last few days I've been ridiculously stressed out by the topic of Religion in my yahoo group. A few months back this was a topic that went on far too long and it really made me uncomfortable then but I said nothing. This time around, I wanted to excuse myself from the conversation before I got really upset. I asked that someone shoot me an email when the conversation was over. a few peoples minds that was the wrong thing to do. I started getting a ridiculous amount of emails...equal parts telling me I was being rude or on the other hand thanking me for saying something because it turns out I wasn't the only one uncomfortable. In fact, I wasn't asking for the conversation to stop; I was excusing myself from it just as I would if I were physically in a group discussing it. I've been so upset about this that I even googled "hot button topics" and came up with this great article, it advised me to walk away...WHICH I WAS TRYING TO DO. Someone also had sent me an email giving the idea that religious or other hot button topics be noted in the subject line so that if someone wanted to avoid those posts without getting upset they could. Great idea I thought...but apparantly to those discussing the hot button topic of religion it was a horrible idea and I was hurting their feelings. What? Here I'm trying to allow the discussion but allow others like myself to avoid it if they'd like. I got the same number of thank you's as I did telling me that I don't have enough God in my life. Again, WHAT?? Just because it makes me uncomfortable to discuss means I don't have enough God in my life? Whatever...I certainly don't need to be made feel bad just because I don't want to discuss God in a group. How about we discuss abortion next? Sexual Orientation? War? Politics? What, one of those makes you uncomfortable? Huh.

I don't know, I've learned over the years that there's just certain things I personally don't like talking about. No one knows how much money I make besides my husband and the guy who does our taxes. I hate discussing politics. It puts me on edge. I rarely even discuss politics with my husband because we have widely different political views. Religion. Well, let me tell you all...I went to catholic grade school and high school. Just because I don't like to discuss religion in a large group doesn't make me a bad person without God in my life.

Some of these things just make me completely squeemish to discuss unless it's a one on one nature and sometimes even then I'd rather not discuss them.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fun

After work, Mom and I went to the second session for the center of our block of the month quilt we've been working on. I really don't have much to report because I didn't take my camera along! We had a great time though once Mom and I each got out our respective venting out of the way!!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mom's Birthday

We took my mom out to Tumbleweed for dinner. It's one of her favorite places. Mike made sure they knew it was her they came over after dinner with a brownie sundae. I had already given her her birthday presents a few weeks back but I decided to add a Willow Tree figurine. It's called generations and with the quilter it reminds me of my Mom, my Grandma and I.

After dinner she came over and sat with me while I cut our pieces for our block of the month center section. Then I sewed a few pillow cases that will be sent to Heather to had out to people in her unit as well as two for mom and I out of the Witches Undies line of fabric.


As Mike and I were sitting in the living room later on we saw this cute sight:


I had originally purchased that pillow for in the bedroom so that I could type on my laptop before going to bed. Well, Mike's become attached to it being in the living room and I guess Holly likes it too!! It's a good thing I broke down and purchased an additional one for myself!

I'm crabby and I'm evil

Q*bert sums up how I feel about today....

And then since I'm feeling evil, let's play a little game. Who can name the following fabric lines and manufacturers first?

I'll come up with a little prize for whomever comments correctly on all seven first. I leave you with one don't have to go far to figure these out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2006 - Christmas gifts for Mom and Me

My Mom had purchased her 6600 in September of 2006. Now we each had the same machine. To me that's cool because she and her mom used to have the same machine and now me and my mom had the same machine. I decided to make us a bunch of sewing items for Christmas.

I made us each a bag for our Ott Lights.

Mom's Mini Ott Lite BagJen's Ott Lite Bag

Bags for our irons.

Mom's Iron Bag Jen's Iron Bag

Pockets for our sewing machines (but I can't find the picture for hers. It's the same red as everything else)

Jen's Sewing Machine

Bags for our Clover Irons.

Mom's Clover Iron Bag Jen's Clover Iron Bag

Sewing Machine Covers.

Mom's Sewing Machine Cover

Jen's Sewing Machine Cover

And lastly, roll ups for our Block of the month blocks (But again, I can't find the picture of hers).

Jen's Quilt Block Roll Up

Quilt Block Roll up open

The only item that I had a pattern for was the block roll up. The rest of the items I measured for and made up as I went.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Up way too early

Since I was up early this AM I went into Quilt Studio East and emptied a bobbin onto Kristie's quilt. The second bobbin went much better than the first. I have a feeling everything got thrown off because of those seams on the sheet. Next time I do a quilt using a sheet I'm cutting them off. I did my hour and then walked away...I really don't want to get frustrated! =) I'll do another hour tonight after work.

Then I popped over to Quilt Studio West. I was going to cut fabric circles out of the fabric I bought for a care package going to Heather. Hrmph. I couldn't find my Green Yo-Yo Maker to determine what size I needed to cut the circles. Anyone, Anyone?? At least I have the fabric all together in a nice little pile now.

Not wanting to be defeated I pulled out some fabric that I've decided to make into pillow cases to ship to Heather's unit with her care package. I got that cut and then cut out a pillow case out of "Witches Undies' fabric to make for my Mom and I. Now I just need to rifle through my scraps for 8 flanges. Shouldn't be too hard now that I've organized the bulk of my scraps.

It's going to be September. I'm really Summer/early Fall door wall-hanging poor. Anyone have any ideas for me? I'm not a teacher and I don't have kids so that whole back to school thing doesn't interest me. It's too early for Fall Leaves. I'm good once it's leaf and Halloween season. Maybe September 1st isn't too early for Leaves? What do you all think?

Next quilt for the frame is going to be my Shower Curtain. Hopefully then this weekend I can pick up the few remaining things that I want for the bathroom and we can actually have a finished room. Ok, not finished finished, I still think there needs to be some kind of wall hanging but let's face it, I could first get to that months from now. There's so much to make and so little time!!

I realized I have a hair cut appointment on Thursday that I need to change or cancel. It's on my Mom's Birthday AND I don't feel like going downtown with all the Harley's that will be in town for the 105th celebration. There will be some streets blocked off for block parties and I really don't want to deal with figuring out a new route. While I'm on the hair cut much is too much for an appointment? I love my hair cuts, I love Shell she's a friend and she does a great job but man...all together with the hair cut, hi-lites every other time and eye brow waxing I just feel like I'm spending far too much money on my hair. Anyone else ever switch just because it's gotten too expensive?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Allergic to Shrimp =(

I promised a finished picture of the baby quilt and here it is:


I also finally put the final stitches in the hanging sleeves of my wallhanging and hung it up right away in Quilt Studio East.


That's it; that's all there is to report. Mike bought a few shrimp for us to have with dinner for me to 'try.' Yeah I think it's time we just accept the fact that I can't eat them anymore. I didn't finish the rest of my dinner, I sat down at the kitchen table and well it's currently 5am on Tuesday...I guess I had a wee bit of an allergic reaction because that means I've been asleep since about 7pm. I'm now waiting for Mike to get up so I can attempt to tackle Kristie's quilt for an hour before work.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh La La!!

This morning I got a few pieces of batting pieced onto a larger cut for a quilt that I'm quilting for Kristie. I thought I'd start quilting it before my mom came over. Oi, I'm NOT having good luck with this quilt. =( I'm getting lots of skipped stitches and thread breaks. The thread breaks are kind of odd considering I'm quilting with Monofiliment thread. That stuff usually stretches for quite a while before it breaks. It's not getting wound up in the thread telescope. I really can't tell what is going on. The only thing different from this quilt to my practice with monofiliment is that the backing is a sheet. First of all; using a sheet makes it near impossible to get a good tension on the quilt back. All the extra layers from the sheets seams really get in the way. Next time I think I'll snip a bit and rip the seams off. I just don't know what to do. I've tried a few different needle types already. It's going to take me forever to get through this quilt. I'm maybe a 1/3 of the way through it. Instead of getting mad, I keep just trying to walk away for a while but MAN, it really had my blood boiling earlier.

Once mom came over, I started working on the center part of my quilt while she appliqued hers. We have one more section of stars to do next week before the center is finished. Then we have 3 more blocks to make. I think once my center is done I'm going to start assembling the quilt. Then I'll only need to add the final row.

Without further ado, here's my pretty center:



Here's all the blocks that I've made so far:

Wendy BOM #1Wendy BOM #2Wendy BOM #3
Wendy BOM #4Wendy BOM #5Wendy BOM #6
Wendy BOM #7Wendy BOM #8Wendy BOM #9
Wendy BOM #10Wendy BOM #11

Did anyone else watch the closing ceremonies for the Olympics? I did and I thought it was awesome. Good job China! Now I have about 4 sessions of olympics left on the DVR that need to be watched.

Before I went to bed I put the binding on a baby quilt. BUT, Mike was already in bed so the picture will have to wait for another post. Maybe Monday's.