Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Quilting Accomplishments

I'm curious to see what all ends up on this list. I have a feeling it's not going to end up being very long.

  1. Quilted, bound and hungny snapshots shower curtain.
  2. Appliqued 6 phrases; Believe, No Excuses, No One Ever Said It Was Going To Be Easy,
  3. Cut out Yo-Yo's and Mailed them to Heather
  4. Pieced, Appliqued, Quilted, Labeled and Bound Ethan's Turtle Quilt
  5. Pieced, Quilted, Labeled and Bound Ethan's Paddington Bear Quilt
  6. Pieced, Quilted, Labeled and Bound Ava's Yellow Brick Road Quilt
  7. Pieced and Assembled the tops for TWO Jellyin Around Baby Quilts
  8. Made Two Rosie the Quilter Run Around Bags
  9. Made a block for the American Heart Association
  10. Assembled two Eclipse Baby Quilts
  11. Bought a small sewing machine named Audrey for workshops and classes
  12. Started a Halloween Quilt
  13. Made 2 blocks for my Quilt Studio East Valance - 1 & 2
  14. Made a halloween apron for work
  15. Quilted two Halloween Wall Hanging Panels
  16. Was a huge loser in the World Series of Strip Poker

Well, I got more accomplished than I thought I did but it still doesn't feel like all that much!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The World Series of Strip Poker

The World Series of Strip Poker was played tonight at Patched Works. I was the FIRST ONE OUT.!! We had two tables. We each started with 100 strips; no more, no less.

After the first round I was down to 49 strips and halfway through the second round I was done for. I couldn't even tell you who won.

It was a TON of fun though. Met a lot of quilters that I hadn't met before.

I've had quite a few comments on my blog latley that I've wanted to respond to but can't because there are no email addresses listed. Sooooo, if you check and you don't have one listed you might want to change that in your profile. You can even set up an email address just for comments if you don't want your real one getting out. =)

204 days until the 3rd Annual St. Jude Quilt Retreat!! Ok, it's actually a few days more away but I counted from the day I pull out of my driveway and head to Jills!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Brewers Clinched the Wild Card Spot!!!

O M G!!!!! What an exciting game it was!! I cannot believe that they did it!! This is sooooo very exciting! I can't even tell you how excited I am. Last time they did this I was like 4 years old!! The game was FREAKING AWESOME! We beat the Cubs, the Mets lost. I was jumping around and screaming like a lunatic. The whole time Holly's looking at me like...make it stop. Make the yelling stop. She's not a fan of yelling during sporting events which is why I take her to my Mom's whenever the Packers are on TV.

Mom and I sewed at her house today so that Murphy wouldn't be home alone all day. He still isn't a big fan of my townhouse. He flips out even when he walks past our stairs...muchless actually go up them? Heck no!! But it was easy to travel because I have Audrey!! She's so light! But I have discovered that she's not a fan of going over thick seams. She'll do it but it's not straight. Let's see though, I was trying to go over a seam that was 10 thicknesses? Square in a square block connected to another square in a square block? Yeah..pretty thick at that center part and that's where she wasn't happy. No biggie, I just switched projects. I zipped that stuff together when I got home in no time. Elizabeth loves going through thick stuff.

Mom and I each made a Halloween apron for work out of a Charm Pack. It's pretty cute but there are a few changes that I will make for the next one. First of all, I won't put on binding, I will sew everything but the top edge and then turn it. Second, I think I would square off the top of the apron. I'm not so fond of the way it looks at the top when you're wearing it. Other than that, way fun and way cute!


I made a second paper pieced star for my sewing room valance. Now I'm starting to think that I'd like to hang these colors in my main sewing room instead of my Quilt Frame room. Then again; I'll probably love the next one that I make to. Too bad the windows aren't the same size. I need 5 blocks for one window and 6 blocks for the other.



It was time to pack up at Mom's house and go to mine for dinner. Afterwards we quilted on my frame. A wall hanging for my Grandma's door and one for my front door. This is the Moda; Pumpkins Gone Wild Panel.

Here's Grandma's:

Halloween Wallhanging for Grandma

Here's Mine quilted with Glow in the Dark Thread:


I managed to get it quilted, bound and hung! Here are some upclose shots of mine. I decided to deck it out in crystals. With it hanging on the front door you'll catch the glimmer as you walk by.






Well, that's that, my exciting Sunday in a nutshell!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

And that is all I've got to say about that...

On Friday Night, Mom, Mike and I went to the Brewer Game. We played the Cubs and could possibly get the wild card slot for the playoffs. It was the most awesome game I've been to in a long, long, long time. We beat the Cubs, the Mets lost. But, for Saturday's games the Brewers lost and the Mets won so we're back to being tie for the Wild Card Slot.

I worked all day on Saturday. Afterwards we went to my Uncle Bob's surprise 70th Birthday/Retirement party. It was a nice party but wow...I gotta say, my family gets stranger and stranger as the years go on. I think we could be in the running for most drama filled. I think we're getting to the point where we could fill a Jerry Springer episode. As Forrest Gump would say, "And that's all I've got to say about that."

I came home and decided to mellow out by working on my Halloween Quilt and watching Dawson's Creek. I got quite a few rows of squares together. I think I might have enough, we'll see though; I have a lot of fabric yet that I could use. I might have to make some table runners or something to use it up!

FYI, I have the finished part folded up, these are the rows that aren't sewn together yet.


Friday, September 26, 2008

2006 - Friendship Blocks

I had already started my blog at the point these were made but I couldn't blog about them at the time. These blocks were for our friend Karen. A group of us made blocks to put into a friendship quilt to keep her warm and give her hugs while she underwent her cancer treatments. At the time the blocks were due, mom and I had picked our fabrics, the sayings we wanted in our blocks and we had chosen which blocks we were going to make. Then, all hell broke loose. My grandma had 3 heart attacks, mom had to go on a business trip and she then got snowed in and came home a few days later, Murphy was diagnosed with diabetes. I ended up making both of our blocks and even overnighted them to Sue so she'd get them only one day past the deadline. It turns out, mine were the first blocks she even received so Mom and I could have made them together after all.

Friendship Block

Friendship block

One day when we were at Patched Works, Karen brought in the finished quilt to show us since we had yet to see it fully assembled. It turned out soooo lovely.

(((hugs to Karen)))

I believe this post actually concludes the "This Old Quilt." Everything in the past that I have photos of has now been blogged about. It was really great to take a walk down memory lane.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2006 - Christmas and Winter Wallhangings

I love the Art to Heart books. There's enough cute things in them to make something new each year.

This reindeer I made for my cubical at work. I LOVE his Christmas light buttons.

Christmas Reindeer Wall hanging

Then I made this adorable piece for our door. Wow...I had the iron on the heat and bond a little too long because the heat and bond actually melted IN to the fabric making it really difficult to applique. I was breaking thread every inch or so. It took me about 8 hours to applique. This was also the first piece that I free motion quilted after I took my first class. I was SOOOO proud of myself.

Christmas Wall Hanging

Because I had recently learned to satin stitch I made this snowflake wall hanging for my cubical at work. It's a hit and it didn't even turn out that great!!

Snowflake Wall hanging

I absolutely LOVE snowflake items.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spell Check

No quilting tonight but there were thoughts of quilting. I picked up another 8 oranges and yellows while I was at Patched Works. My plan was to go home and get them cut but when I got home I realized Mike wasn’t home, he was at the Brewer game so I decided to sit down and watch a few of my shows that were on the DVR. One turned into two, two turned into three and Mike was already in bed by the time I fell asleep while sitting up with my laptop on my lap.

About two weeks ago we read about a recall on my laptop but you need to send it in for service and I really don’t want to do that. There’s some kind of wiring issue between the battery an it’s connection where it gets too hot. I knew mine was hot but I never would have imagined what happened next…

I fall asleep with it in my lap while I’m sitting up. My wrist was resting next to the laptop which is where it gets hot. I had on a gold bracelet which ended up between my wrist and the laptop. While asleep from about 11:30pm to 3:45am when Mike came downstairs to wake me up I got burned. The bracelet was enough to conduct heat and I’ve got Second Degree burns on my wrist in the imprint of my bracelet. My wrist was really red and swollen. Wednesday morning it was just tender and blistered in 4 places. I say just like it’s no biggie! But it looks nasty!

You know the appliqued Phrases that I’ve been working on for Ethan’s Nursery? Well, when I got them emailed to me from my Aunt, I just did Control+C to copy them out of the email and pasted them into my cool scrap booking font program. Picked the font I want and copied and pasted that into another program to size it the way I wanted. I kept thinking the word ‘Dicipline’ looked wrong and that’s because it IS. It’s Discipline. So now I need to figure out how to fix this without having to re-do the entire thing. I THINK I can cut off the top row, cut off the ‘Di,’ piece in a piece of background, attach it all back together and then iron on a brand new ‘Dis’ to applique. By the time it’s appliqued and quilted hopefully it won’t stand out. I’m going to fix it first and then I’ll show a before and after shot. I’d like to get the size of these quilted this weekend so that I can start putting the binding and hanging sleeves on them.

Erin would like the names of who said the phrases put on them somehow. Originally I was going to hand embroider it under the phrase but then there’s the dilemma of what color to do that in so that it shows up. Then I figured I could just use the alphabet on my machine but again, what thread color? A few weeks ago Chelsy told me about someone embroidering their label information directly onto the binding and attaching that to the quilt. The more I think about that idea the more I think that this is the place it could work. I can bind the wall hangings in the same color as the letters and then embroider the names either in chocolate thread or the darker blue/green color that I’ve been using in the lower right hand corner. I think then I’ll need to hand sew the bindings down. Oh well, at least they’re small right?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Progress on my Halloween Quilt

Ooooooo, I worked on my Halloween quilt and it’s really coming along. Unfortunately I didn’t buy enough of a selection of orange and yellow fabrics to keep going for the zig-zags. I had some older cuts that I could have used but they were from the J-store and I know that they would fade quite a bit the first time they were washed so it was just best to wait before continuing on. When I was figuring out how large I wanted the quilt I really didn’t take into consideration how large of a border I wanted to add. It’s currently 63 inches wide and I’m planning on making it 13 rows long so it will be 63X78 without borders. Oh well…it will be a big one!!!


I decided to give Audrey a try on my regular sewing table. It was a bit cramped BUT now that I realized the issue is the light weight plastic table with the light weight machine I feel much better. She sews SOOOOOO nicely for such a little machine. Audrey LOVES to paper piece. I finished the first block for my valance that will hang in QSE. I need 6 of them total. 5 to go!! I’ll have to pick out which block I want to make next.


Monday, September 22, 2008

She's Here!! She's Here!! Audrey's HERE!!!

I came home from work today and what before my wandering eyes should appear but a box with Audrey and her feet; so dear.

Giggle…I tried to rhyme. I mean it IS as exciting as Christmas after all!!

For a while now I’ve been contemplating getting a small machine that I can take to group sewing nights. I know part of our move to the townhouse was to eliminate stairs but we still have them inside the house since my quilt studio is on the second floor. Actually, the stairs that we have right now aren’t half bad, I can do them myself or Mike takes my machine up and down them. It’s the hoisting my machine up into Mom’s truck when she drives, bringing it out of the truck, down the stairs at Patched Works; back up the stairs at Patched Works, back up into the truck, out of the truck that becomes the problem. My back just can’t take it so I’ve been taking Jem (my little 10 year old Janome Jem 609) with me and not enjoying it at all.

After the 54 day wait earlier this summer for Bud I really didn’t think I could handle the ups and downs of another lengthy wait. I did my research; I knew what I wanted to spend and I had an idea of what I wanted, I was waiting for the Anniversary Sale figuring other machines would get ordered along with mine and it would be a much quicker transaction.

Then it happened…I met Audrey while we were at the Madison Quilt Expo. She was not a penny over the amount I wanted to spend and was the same brand that I was looking to buy, just a brand new model. I vacillated the rest of the day; should I wait and order her the following week at the anniversary sale or order her that day from another dealer within my state that said I’d have her the following week. I was feeling as if I was cheating on my sewing machine dealer but the other four ladies I was with told me to forget about it and just do it. So I did. Had my mom not been one of the cheerleaders I would have pictured her saying, "If your friends jumped off a cliff would you have followed?" Really, I’m sure they just didn’t want to listen to me b$%ch and complain for another 51 days.

I didn’t mention Audrey to anyone because I didn’t want the drama of her not arriving on time. I guess I didn’t fully believe that she was going to come. Yet, there she was on my door step…6 business days later. A mere nine days since she had been ordered. I was shocked, amazed, surprised and thrilled beyond belief!!


I wanted to crack her open but I had things that needed to be done before I could get acquainted so I just pulled her out on the living room floor.



I had to abandon her; I needed to get to the Post Office and UPS. I had to take Mike along; not because the boxes were heavy but bulky. Suzan/Thursday Delivery, Kristie/Wednesday Delivery, Erin/Friday Delivery & Heather…2 boxes and who knows when because yours are coming via USPS.

When I got home I got a call from Jill asking me if I had tried her out yet. No, I was bad; I needed to get a few other things done first. I whipped through my appliqué project and then sat down in front of her. She sews soooooo nice. BUT, she’s so light…12.8 pounds that it makes the plastic folding table jump like crazy. This really, is fine because I’m not going to be using Audrey at home very often anyway. I ended up switching back to Elizabeth to work on my Halloween Quilt.

I’m making this Halloween quilt out of a Chick or Treat Layer Cake and additional yardage of the yellows and oranges. I saw something similar in a magazine and decided to make it. This is way outside of the box for me because the color ORANGE is involved. Now Orange has made it into my kitchen, my quilt studio valance and a Halloween quilt. What is happening to me? I’ve hated orange for as long as I can remember. If next week I start telling people I like Kaffe fabrics then someone needs to institutionalize me.


I get such a kick out of the fact that the machine, foot pedal AND extension table all fit in her teeny bag.

I’ve got a confession to make. A few years ago for Christmas Mike gave me Season 1 of Dawson’s Creek. I had only ever seen random episodes and then the final season so I never sat down to watch it. Well…I’ve watched the last few nights while sewing and now I’m hooked. It’s like a train wreck that I can’t look away from! Now I need to track down Season 2. I also finished Season 1 of CSI so I’m out of stuff to watch while I sew.

Thought I’d show you the two baby quilt tops that I didn’t take pictures of over the weekend. They just need borders.



Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm a Slacker!!!

I was all set to sew all day on Sunday and that's just NOT how the day went. I was a total slacker!

Mike and I did some shopping. We were trying to find an over the toilet cabinet for our full bath but cannot find one we like. We did end up purchasing a rod so I can hang another wall hanging up; this time it's the Moda U post card quilt and it's going it in the Stair Case. I decided to bring my bargello out to see the light of day. I draped it over the couch. Unfortunately Holly and Mike mess it up when they sit there. Sigh. I realized it's too large to hang unless I hang a quilt rack and then you don't get the full effect of the bargello. Might have to come up with another plan. I forgot how beautiful that quilt is.

I came home from shopping and lunch, went to read email and proceeded to take a three hour nap. Either I was catching up from Friday's nap desire or I really needed it. Mike went to a buddies house to watch the Packer Game and I holed up in my sewing room. I appliqued 1 full phrase and 3/4 of another one. I should be able to get the rest of the applique done tomorrow. Then I can start sandwiching and quilting the wallhangings. I haven't decided if I want to do them at my sit down machine or load them onto the frame so I can use the stitch regulator. We'll have to see. In the mean time, I'm going to mail out Ethan's three baby quilts because it might be another week or so before the wallhangings are done. I need to do the hanging sleeves and such too. I'll post the phrase pictures tomorrow night.

I've been taking pictures as I applique so that I can do an appilque tutorial. My friend Regina has been asking for one and since I can't wave my magic wand and end up in her sewing room 500 miles away the online version will have to do. =)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I don't know why, I just didn't feel like taking pictures of my projects and posting them this weekend. I was just in a photo funk I guess. I guess that's why all of my posts from the weekend are LATE.

Before work this morning I got the Eclipse boy quilt top together. All 4 of these quilts still need borders. The Jellyin' Around ones I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do out of my stash. The Eclipse ones, I'm not too sure about yet.

I swore I was not going to buy any fabric while I was at work today. What happened? I bought fabric. We decorated for Halloween and of course I realized that Halloween was right around the corner and there was things I wanted to make. As if I don't have enough adorable Halloween things made already?

I already owned a Halloween Layer Cake and I had found a pattern in the Quick Quilts (At least I think it was Quick Quilts) Magazine. They call it a Halloween I Spy or something of that nature. You're supposed to fussy cut your halloween fabrics and then square in a square them with 1 orange on the top two corners and 1 yellow on the bottom two corners. Once it's assembled and offset it looks like halloween squares with zig zags separating them. It's not hard, but it's a little slow as it's more of a Row By Row assembly of a quilt. Soooo, I bought eight different 1/3 yards of yellow and oranges. In the end, I realized I could have just bought 1/4 yards and now I still need a few more. I'll wait to buy until the rest of the quilt is together.

I also picked up some cute bat and spider prints. Kim Schaefer has a fun pattern out where basically you cut a few bats out of timtex and satin stitch the edges like you do on a post card. I figured I could blow up a spider that I found and also have a spider garland.

Mom came over with Murphy for dinner. He gets anxious when he's at our house. Our stairs really freak him out; he doesn't even like to walk past them. So, Mom and I set up shop in the kitchen. We traced a few Halloween applique patterns. One is called, "The Witch is In." Once it was traced I decided it would be hilarious to turn the halloween pattern into a Wizard of Oz wallhanging. We'll see if I really go through with it or not. I've got a few things to figure out first and there may have to be an online purchase of ruby red hot fix crystals. Or, if all else fails, instead of it being the Witch is in, I'd like to make the sign spin so she could be "in" or "out." I'll come up with something. I already changed the lettering font because I didn't like the one that came with the pattern. It looked too, homemade. As if it had just been jotted out and sent off to print without giving it a nice once over. What can I say...I'm picky about fonts to begin with.

And that, was my Saturday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday; In a Funk

When I work up this morning I was able to get the second Jellyin' Around quilt top together. It pretty much looks the same as the other, minus the pink. I kept the pink to all one quilt so that one can be used for a girl and the other for a boy.

I had an odd sinus headache. I wasn't sure if it was related to my cold or not. When I got home from work, all I wanted to do was take a nap before going out later. I was just about asleep when Mike came home. He and Holly had a pretty LOUD and lengthy conversation. Yes, she's a dog; I get that but there are some days you can't shut her up. It's not even barking. We call it 'talking.' It goes something like this:

Mike: What did you do today Holly?
Holly: Wahooo owwwyyywywoow
M: Really? You got a good nap?
H: Wooooof rowaw
M: You were woken up by the birdies?
H: Rooowowowowowowowow
M: Doesn't that just piss you off?
H: roooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww

It's pretty funny. It really does sound like a conversation because she waits for your pause and then she starts up. But, I was in no mood for it so I went upstairs. I was just about to sleep again and my mom Texted, followed by a call. Again, almost asleep and another CALL. OMG. Just about to doze; know I only have about 10 minutes and the neighbors dog started barking incessantly because they always leave it alone outside. I yelled for the first time at our new place, "JUST SHUT YOUR DOG UP ALREADY." And it stopped. By now...I was wide awake and it was time to go.

Mom and I went to Jen's and then on to Frank's for his anniversary sale. I picked up some notions. (Big surprise right?) I can't help it. I'm a gadget girl and when there's a 40% off sale, that's reason enough to own a few...right? I bought a purple rotary mat; for no other reason than the fact that it's purple and goes with my pink one and an ensy mensy 18mm Clover rotary cutter that I'll be able to use with my drunkard's path template. Hmmm, 3 spools of thread that I'll use on the Phrase Wallhangings for Ethan, a quarter inch foot for Audrey; who by the way was $50 more than what I got her for last week.

Audrey? Who's Audrey? Huh? Yeah, we'll talk about her once she arrives. Giggle.

Afterwards we went out for dinner. By the time I got home, I was beat!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

W Night

Tonight was W Night which means Chelsy and Jen came over to sew. Jen finished her Jellyin around blocks that she's making out of the Stawberry Lemonade fabric line for her niece and Chelsy was making a few more blocks for her dorm quilt. It's a good thing the Quiltie Ladies made her a quilt for her Graduation Present or she'd be pretty cold by now at school! Hopefully she'll be ready to assemble the quilt top very soon.

I really need to take some pictures of our quilting night next time.

I started assembling the baby quilt tops for two sets of blocks that I have finished. The first one came from the Chutes and Ladders Jelly Roll I bought over a year ago. The blocks have been finished for months and months, they just don't thrill me AT ALL. I'm breaking it out into two baby quilts. Even after getting the first top together I'm still not thrilled with it. I think I'm going to do a narrow brown border just to tie the brown together and then put a light pink fabric on the border and probably bind it in the same fabric. It still doensn't say "baby" to me but I think the quilt will do just fine in a pinch. I still have one more of this type to assemble but in the mean time, here's the Baby Girl Eclipse.


The second top that I got assembled is also a "girl" version. This is the Jellyin Around pattern. It's made from one Jelly Roll and one Charm Pack. Since I have 40 blocks I'm breaking it out into 2 quilts. I separated the blocks that had pink in them out into this one. I like this quilt much better than the Eclipse one. With the Eclipse, it's not even the pattern that's the problem, it's the fabrics.


Hopefully tomorrow night I can get both of the boy quilts together. With any luck I can get quite a few baby quilts quilted this weekend. It would be nice to get them crossed off my list!!!

All in all it was a very good evening. We'll be skipping next Thursday because I need to get my hair cut. I've cancelled my last two appointments so it REALLLLLLY needs it.

I wanted to post about my quilt frame last weekend but since I was sick I forgot about it. I've had my quilt frame for a year already. I can't believe how far I've come in a year. I've learned soooooo much. In 1 year I've quilted 56 quilt tops on it. I can't believe it added up to so many. 44 quilts were quilted using my Janome 6600P and a speed controller and 12 have already been done on my Babylock Quilters Choice pro with Grace Sure stitch and I've only had that machine for a little over a month. I guess that means we've clicked quite well!!

Shortly after getting my quilt frame I decided to start a spreadsheet to track the types of thread, batting, and needles that I was using along with the quilt size, number of bobbins used, type of quilting and any problems that may have come up. This spreadsheet has become a very valuable resource for me. I may not understand at that moment what caused the problems that I may have had but if it pops up again in the future I can take a look at the troubleshooting that I've already tried to work towards a solution.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

This cold has really knocked me on my ass. I stayed home sick on Monday because I was coughing so hard and my head felt like it was going to explode. I kept going from hot to cold, hot to cold but had no fever. Ok, I don't know for sure; my mom did the back of the hand test. Tuesday night I started eating dinner, went into such a coughing spurt that I was gagging and never finished. I went to lay down upstairs and that was the end of my night. I finally figured out the right degree that my pillows needed to be at for the coughing to stop. By Wednesday night I was starting to feel better but had managed to pass this on to both Mike and my Mom. Oh yeah…Maureen has it too.

I've gotten nothing accomplished this week and I just feel like I have SOOOOO many projects started. I feel like I can't get a grip on them. We're not even talking about UFO's here just stuff that is in progress that needs to be wrapped up. I've got lots to box up and mail off too. I've got baby quilts that need to go on the frame. I've got baby quilts that need to be assembled and some that the appliqué is cut out for. I've got the phrases for Ethan's room. Most of the last three phrases are cut out but now they need to be ironed down and appliquéd. I need to quilt all 6 and bind them. I need to get my BOM blocks from the Saturday quilt done before I get more darn blocks on Saturday. I need to get the block from the Friday group done too. I think I just need to finish SOMETHING and then I could feel a lot better about the whole group of things! Being sick takes up too much time!!

I gave my co-worker the brown and pink quilt on Tuesday for her daughter. I think she really liked it. I've never had so much anxiety over choosing the right fabrics before. Some people just aren't 'home made gift' type people and I get that but I just wanted this one to go over well…and I really think it did.

Holly has been mischievous in the mornings in between the time Mike leaves for work and I leave for work. That fuzzy beast goes downstairs and causes trouble. Today she went through my quilt show bags. She ate the cardboard off of my earrings. She pulled a pay stub off of the desk and ate half. That's probably the 5th pay stub she's eaten. Thank goodness for direct deposit. A few months ago she ate a live check and I've given up on that. She ate a chap stick. So now we have some waxy stuff imbedded into the carpeting. If anyone has a trick for that I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to think of what else she got into this morning. Oh yeah, she dug up the throw rugs by the front door again. I really don't know what to do with the entry way. I'm not sure why they put carpeting all the way up to the front door. No matter what, you have to have a throw rug there and if the rugs aren't moving because they're being walked on, the dog is digging them up. I'm about ready to pull the carpeting up and put tile in place instead. Which is another thing. When they tiled the half bath they used too much glue. The glue oozed out and ended up all over the carpet outside of the bathroom. This bothers me like you wouldn't believe. It's always dirty. I can clean the dirt off of the spots but the spots but since they attract dirt, they are always dirty looking. Oh, let's not forget the poo colored glue that's on the wall what won't come off. It's about a foot off the floor. If it were higher, I could hang something over it. Being down so low, there's no solution. I can't get it OFF THE WALL and it looks like there's crap on the wall. Wow…I went off on a tangent there! Anyway, I was sooo mad at her this morning that I didn't kiss her goodbye. I ended up running home at lunch time to do so. She's going to be 9 this year. I've got to remember that she's not going to be here forever. I gave her some good hugs and kisses and then I was out the door again and heading back to work.

A group of local friends and I are contemplating starting our own Block of the Month where we get together and sew the blocks. This way it is still social but at the end of the night the block(s) are done and you don't have to worry about finishing them over the next few weeks. So far we're tossing around these Eleanor Burns quilts as ideas since most of us have the books in our libraries:

The nice thing about these quilts is it tells you the cutting instructions for the whole quilt at the beginning of the book. We can start off with a cutting night and move on from there. Now we just need to decide which quilt(s) we want to make and then set our start date.

I think I'll end up dong the Victory Quilt, Magic Vine AND Egg Money all at the same time. I've already got all the fabric for Egg Money. The victory quilt takes a surprisingly small amount of fabric and the magic vine I think I've decided to use batiks. I've done the Underground Rail Road already.

I think my kitchen got nominated for holding the get togethers because I can put 4 at the table and then still fit my other 2x4 tables. It should be fun. If anyone else thinks they may want to join in with us out in blogland, leave a comment about it so your vote can be counted. The best part about this is that everyone can make the quilt with their taste of fabric instead of the entire group having the exact same quilt and they are quilts that a few of us have already wanted to make for quite some time now but didn't want to tackle alone. We're not doing this instead of the current groups we belong to; just in addition to.

I think we'll probably be looking to start after Christmas; maybe do some group cutting before then. Four of us are currently working on a mammoth quilt that is giving us like 4 blocks one month, 16 blocks the next and stressing everyone out. It's too much like WORK to be a fun quilt! I don't even know if I'm going to finish that one into a quilt. I'm not really liking mine. Since there are so many blocks of the different kinds, I could almost break it up into a quilt or two. Or just finish it off per the directions. We'll see. I'll get a better idea of what I want to do in the next few months. I think that one is set to finish in November. Actually both of the block of the month quilts that I'm currently doing are set to be finished in November.

Did any of this make sense or was I just rambling insanely?? Giggle.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Madison Quilt Show - Part 4

More Shopping and Quilt Pictures

Candy Dots...love em'!! I'm guessing this is more knock-off fabric than licensed fabric (I've yet to look at the label) because to me it doesn't look 'spot on' like a lot of the other licensed fabrics do. But it was cute and I'll find something to make with it.


Ok, I've seen this template work. I saw her sew these curves. Now, can I do it? Luckily we ran into a few of the other Quiltie Ladies while we were at this booth and they have it to. If I have problems hopefully one of them will remember how it was done!!



Can't forget the sock monkeys. I started collecting sock monkey fabric rather recently so it was nice to pick up a few older ones that wern't in my collection.


Mmmm, snowflake Batik Fabric. I'm such a snowflake junkie it's not even funny!!


Lastly, I picked up a new backpack. Last year I bought one and it quickly became my favorite backpack for toting sewing supplies in. A few months back Murphy decided to chew a big hole in mine. I repaired it to some extent but it still had a big gaping hole so I treated myself to a new one. Purple this time:


There's one more 'little' purchase that I made but it's being shipped to me so I will wait to post about it until it arrives. It wasn't an impulse buy...AT ALL. My mom can attest to that. Where I purchased it was impulse but my whole group gave me the thumbs up to do it.

Here's some pictures of the quilts that I liked in the quilt show portion. Everything seems to be moving more and more towards art quilts at this show. We uh, breezed through the quilts in under 10 minutes.

Well, there you have it. My quilt show report has come to a close.