Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two more sleeves

On Saturday morning before I left for work I quickly finished my Mom's and Regina's water bottle sleeves. They were both pretty happy with them. I have to admit, I was glad Chelsy wasn't working because I wouldn't have had time to get three done!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Waun-a-finish UFO's and One Scrappy Summer

Omg, now that I've made my UFO list, how am I going to get it accomplished??

Granted, nothing says I need to do all of this in 3 months time but in order to really give this a shot, I need goals. I work better with goals. I need lists. Lists where I can cross things off.

Will I deviate from my lists? Probably.

Will I get everything done? No, but I'm ok with that. Ill be happy as long as I accomplish SOMETHING....and not acquire new UFO's. I'd like to finish what I do start this summer.

I'm going to put my UFO list in my Side bar and tick things off as I go. I will also break them out by the months in which I hope to accomplish them. In addition, I will add in other projects that I already know I want or need to work on. If it's time sensitive, I will put that under the "goal" month as well.

In addition to all this crazy UFO stuff, I recently became aware of just how much scrap fabric I have.

I went to cut out 9-1/2" squares for two twin sized quilt backings out of my scraps in red, white and blues. I still have tons of red, white and blue scraps that I could cut more things out of. The rest of the colored bins are just as full. I'd like this to become "One Scrappy Summer.". I'm going to track my square yardage used.

To do this, its a simple math equation in Excel. When I went to write it up for this post it I noticed that it looks positively painful but I promise you it's not!!

For example, I cut 9.5" squares.

Each square is 90.25 square inches (Multiplying 9.5 X 9.5).

I cut 132 squares. 90.25 square inches multiplied by 132 squares equals 11,913 square inches.

A yard of fabric is 36" long by 42 inches wide. This equals 1512 square inches.

If I divide 11,913 by 1512 this equals 7.88 square yards. That's almost 8 yards of fabric folks and I've barely scratched the surface. I'm going to make scrappy quilt backings or use scraps where ever I possibly can. For me, this will be a difficult challenge because I never think my scraps could possibly play well together. I don't enjoy scrap quilting either.

Anyone want to join me for my 'One Scrappy Summer' challenge?

It's going to be one productive Summer! While the rest of you fools are outside playing in your gardens that I'm highly allergic to, I will be inside where it's nice and cool and allergy free playing in my sewing room!!


Friday, May 29, 2009

UFO List

Well here it is, my 'coming out of the closet UFO list.'. Check out to see what kind of lists the other Waun-a-finish contestants have. Mine was much longer than I anticipated!!

  1. Love Blooms Block of the month quilt. Find remaining pieces for final 4 blocks. Assemble last row, border, quilt and bind.
  2. Wrapped clothes line bowl. Finish off last strip and end it.
  3. Wrapped clothes line rug. Finish off outside edge. Put non skid stuff on backing.
  4. Kaffe Mini Miranda
  5. Binding on Project Linus Quilt #1
  6. Binding on Project Linus Quilt #2
  7. Quilt of Valor #1
  8. Quilt of Valor #2
  9. Sublime wall hanging - assemble top, quilt and bind
  10. Quilting with Laura Wall hanging - piece top, quilt, bind.
  11. Ocean Waves - Piece, Quilt, Bind
  12. Bistro In And Out - finish cutting, piece, quilt and bind.
  13. Diamond Log Cabin - quilt and bind
  14. Pampered Pooch #1
  15. Pampered Pooch #2
  16. Kashmere - piece, quilt and bind
  17. Egg Money - Piece blocks, quilt and bind
  18. Gingerbread Lane wall hanging
  19. Messenger Bag
  20. Moon and Stars Baby Quilt
  21. Golfing Irish Chain
  22. Witch Wall hanging
  23. Quilt studio valance
  24. Applique Bats
  25. Bottle sleeves

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Calatrava

I was downtown to get my haircut tonight and on a whim I decided to drive past the art museum.  Next thing I knew I was parking my car and wandering over to it.  I think it’s time to start traveling with my tripod in my trunk because I would have LOVED to have pulled it out.  I sent Mike a text saying where I was stopping and he told me I was turning into Holte.  I can only hope to get that good.  I did snap a few cool pictures though.

Calatrava 001 (2)

Calatrava 014

Calatrava 032

Calatrava 053 

For those of you who aren’t local, this is is what the Calatrava looks like when the wings are closed.  The above link will tell you some more details about the cool architecture.

I’m glad I stopped to snap a few pictures.  I really got out of that habit over the past few years. 


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They're Gone!! :(

Today I was able to borrow a live trap from my friend Suzanne.  Her sister works with a rescue organization so I knew I'd have a safe place to take them.  However, when Mike got home from work he was outside talking to Mamma and giving her some food when another cat walked by and hissed.  Mike called me when I was done with work and said that Midnight was missing and he was out looking for him.  By the time I got home, Mamma was nowhere to be found either and Stormy and Tigger were cuddled together looking scared.  When I woke up around 3am I decided to run downstairs and check on them and they were gone...all gone.  I'm sad.  I just got so used to running downstairs to look at them and watch their silly antics.  

I forgot to mention that this past weekend Mike and I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see the Titanic Exhibit.  It was pretty cool.  Of course I'm enthralled with anything Titanic Related.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camelbak Bottle Sleeves Take 2

Well, I decided the crystal lite pockets wern't going to work.  There's too much air in those little packets.  The only way it would work out would be if I put a pleat in the bottom and elastic across the top of the pocket and I'm sorry but that's entirely too much work for a water bottle sleeve!!

I got the applique done on all 10 that I'm working on but only got 6 of the sleeves totally complete. I just have to sew up the other 4.  I think they are turning out quite nicely.

Moneik's & Sherry's
Mine, Jen V's, Jen V's, Mine

Tonight was Batik Club at the shop so I took my Holly quilt to show Laura & Maureen.  Of course more people saw it than just them but they were happy that they got to see it in person since they had each made blocks.  

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

(Obviously posted days after the fact because I never hit save!!)

The kittens are still hanging out in the window well. Mamma cat comes and goes. She seems to be gone more today and yesterday than she was on Saturday. When Mom and I were at Walmart earlier I broke down and bought some cat food. I put it on the top of the window well so that Mamma can eat it as the kittens appear to still be nursing. Mike seems to keep catching them playing and I seem to keep missing it. I just see sleepy kitties. They've now been given names. The orange kitten is Tigger, the grey is Stormy and the black is Midnight - Mamma, well we've decided she's just Mamma.

On Sunday after work I ran over to my Mom's. She was pet sitting for Tina's puppy Geo. I got a few really good shots of him. He's a St. Bernard Mix.   

Seriously though, why does Webshots feel the need to fade in and out through a slideshow to have the pictures coming from all angles?  Do they not know that 90% of peoples pictures just don't work with that format?  Just give me straight on pictures for cryin out loud!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Camelbak Bottle Insulated Cover - Take 1

There's a group of us that are hooked on these Camelbak water bottles. They're great because you can actually shake the bottle and not have it leak. It's great for those of us that like to mix in Crystal Lite. They're great bottles to have around at the cutting table or on your table while you sew because if they fall over, nothing is going to happen. But, with the weather getting warmer I was a little concerned with sweating so I've got Insulbrite inside to keep my beverage cool. I also was thinking if we put a wrap on it we could tell whose bottle is whose a little better. Here's my first proto type:

bottle sleeve 001

I thought it would be fun to put a pocket on the outside for drink packets. Well...the pocket should be both taller and it will need gathers because it is just too dang tight. Maybe the drink packet pocket just won't make the final cut.

I would also like to applique an Initial Letter. I didn't take the time and do it on the proto type.

bottle sleeve 004

Before sewing the cover together I thought it would be nice to have the seams finished by sewing the 1/4 inch and then turning the project. However, I think that just created unnecessary bulk along the seam. I might just be better off with a raw seam that has an overcast edge.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kitten Discovery

This morning Mike went downstairs to do some laundry and sensed motion. As he turned to the basement window he thought there were birds in the window well. Not so! It turns out we have a mama cat and her three babies in the window well. The cover is broken and they are using it as shelter. It's a holiday weekend so I doubt we could get anyone to take them so they're going to be living with us until we figure out where to take them next week.

They are FREAKING adorable and that says a lot because I'm soooo NOT a cat person.

Here's a very unhappy looking mama:

kitty 002

And her adorable babies:

kitty 066

It's a little difficult to get good pictures of them through the window, especially with how dirty the outside of the window is. We put water out for them and today we will pick up some food for them to keep them sustained unti we find where to take them. It's like having our own zoo exhibit!!

Enjoy the adorable slide show.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Tonight was Evil Twins Patched Works Party at the shop. We had nine ladies and since one had twisted her knee and couldn't make it downstairs to the class room, we moved everybody upstairs.

Novelty Room

Batik 6

I only took one project with me...scraps. We all know I hate dealing with scraps but I have a red, white & blue project that I'm working on and I decided to make backings ala Sherry. Sherry takes 10" squares and sews them all together for a scrappy backing. I needed 45 each of red, white and blue. I thought it would take all night to cut out of my crap...opps I mean scraps. Well, after about 2 hours I was done and looking for a new project.

I decided to buy a book and some fabric and make Mike a quilt. Clothworks just put out this really cool golf fabric so that's what I'm using.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Very Cool!

It's no shock that I love Photography and I'm lovin my new camera. I found this absolutley awesome book at Barnes and Noble.

Hello, is this not the most perfect book EVER??

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maggie Moo's

On Wednesday night after work Jen and I decided to go out for ice cream in village. Apparantly they close at 8 so we tried to hit Oberwiese dairy. Only they were no longer. How hard is it to find Ice Cream on a nice night??

We ended up at a place called Maggie Moo's. It's like Cold Stone Creamery where you pick your ice cream flavor and then you mix stuff in.

I thought their mascot was hilarious!! Wouldn't it make a cute applique for a baby quilt?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Holly the Tolerant

Poor Girl, she falls asleep and there's Mama in her face.

Really in her face...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Only in Wisconsin

Do we get to see Garfield the cat suction cupped to the back of a motorcycle helmet.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Wrong Fabric

Would you believe I’m still not fully unpacked from retreat?  I’ve been trying to make some changes to my sewing room and just can’t get there.  I don’t want to purchase lots of things just to accomplish the task and I’m beginning to think I’m just going to have to.  Last night I ran out for special 3M picture hanging strips to use for the back of my thread holders and finally got them hung.  However…I realized that for the amount of different types of threads that I use, I’m still going to need another thread holder.  I’m going to hold off on that for now because I’m thinking that some of the spools that I have left might fit on a regular spool holder versus the cone holders that I have pictured here.  A lot of the bases are jut too wide for the regular holders.

MISC 001

Then I sat around looking at some fabric.  I’ve been trying to decide between two patterns for making Mike’s football quilt out of.  As I was counting the folds to get an idea of how much fabric I had on the ones from my stash, I decided to take a look at the color dots on the selvedge because the smaller football print just seemed to stick out like a sore thumb.  That’s when I noticed that the fabric I was intending to use for accent, border and binding is actually from Joann’s, not the quilt shop like the rest of it.  Now, if it was just going to be used in small bits, I wouldn’t worry about it so much but I know if I use it in the quantity that I was planning on, after the first washing it’s really going to stick out like a sore thumb because it’s going to wear differently than the rest.  What a disappointment!  It’s a little dotted print that looks like the surface of a football.  I guess it’s back to square one.  =(  It seems I’d be starting out now with 2 fabrics instead of 3 or 4.  That’s a big difference so I think I’ll be waiting to start this project and instead work on something I already have.

MISC 002

A few people have asked about the patterns I bought on Saturday.  They were the above Strip Twist and the below Japanese Jigsaw.

MISC 006

My daily Photography shot was another drive by my Grandma’s old house on my way home from work.  I got a very nicely framed shot.  I LOVE it.  I may have to work on antiquing this one and then throwing it in a frame.

005 (3)007 

The house and the lilacs were both shot from the street.  I’m surprised at how well the lilacs turned out from that far away.  They’re not fully in bloom yet either while all the rest in the area seemed to go into bloom between this weekend and last weekend.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lots of Stops for a Saturday

Today Jen and I hit a few quilt shops.  It’s always fun to see what other shops in the area have going on. 
We stopped first at Bits & Pieces because we were looking for fabric to use with our $2 a block BOM that we’re doing through Best Friends in Ohio.  I picked up some yardage that I can possibly use for Sashing and corner stones. 
Our next stop was the Quilted Basket.  I picked up a pattern that I hadn’t seen before.   It’s a pretty slick pattern for 2-1/2” strips and I’m really looking forward to making it. 
Then on a lark we decided to drive to Cedarburg to go to Material Matters.  Above all, I was shocked at how empty their shelves seemed to be.  Lots of open spaces.  I picked up a pattern that I had seen once online.  It’s actually cut out with a larger diamond template but then put back together in a different format.  It should be interesting.
Later in the evening we went to Linda’s house for a Bead Retreat party.  We all made the same bracelet just in different colors and joked that it looks like we’ve got friendship bracelets.
misc 001
We headed downstairs after the party to see Linda's quilt studio. She's got a really nice set up.
misc 007 misc 002 misc 003 misc 004  misc 006 misc 005
All in all, it turned out to be a really nice day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Movie Night

Mike is headed up to Green Bay with a buddy of his so I went to Jen’s for movie night.  We watched PS I Love You and Casino Royale.  While we watched we both worked on binding quilts. 

I finished sewing down the hanging sleeve on my Fresh Emma wall hanging. I can't wait to get it hung up in my kitchen.

quilts 001

Then I moved to working on Rosie's binding. I got about half way done I think.

quilts 002

Jen and I got into the discussion of how far apart binding should be sewn. I don't know the right answer. I know that my stitches are much closer than Moneik's and that Jen falls somewhere in the middle of mine and Moneik's. Here's a picture of mine. This example is much further apart than I normally do because I am starting to think that what I do is quite overkill.

quilts 004

So, how far apart are your stitches? What is the proper width?


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rosie the Quilter

With her We Can Quilt It attitude gave me just what I needed to try out a different quilting pattern that I’ve been doodling for the last few months. 

 misc 010

misc 011 

misc 014

I used a Robinson Anton Variegated  pink & white thread that was left over from a few other projects.  I thought there would be enough.  When I got down to the last row of signature blocks I ran out.  Oh well, it’s just a wall hanging for my sewing room, it’s not something other people would notice if I don’t point it out.  I just switched to another light pink thread and finished it up.  Of course, everything was nice and evenly spaced until I switched threads…then it seems I freaked and quilted much more closely together.  Oh well…it was time to try something new, and I did.  It’s something I will try again.  Now I just need to get the binding and hanging sleeves sewn down.