Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weather Shots

A few weeks back I took a drive towards dusk when there was a storm brewing.  It was a great time to be out because I really got some awesome pictures.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 30, 2010

One of my favorites

A few weeks back I put my furry beast Holly into the back seat of my car and took her for a drive.  Kinda significant because it was her first time in my new car.  I didn't even give her the standard, "No touching the windows" lecture.  I just rolled the windows down, popped the sunroof and let her enjoy the breeze.

I just LOVE this picture!!

Anyway, we ran across one of my favorite barn quilts and I got to shoot pictures of the barn from a different vantage point from the first time we were there.


IMG_6024 (2)


All three pictures, I love them!  It's amazing how the sky can change with just a few minutes between each shot.  I might even get a few of these printed, they'd look great for greeting cards or even matted in a frame.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July...a bit late

I haven't been much in the mood to sew or blog or even upload my pictures from camera to computer.  I guess I'm just taking a break from all things Cre8tive.  I couldn't believe what I all had on my memory card when I uploaded today.  I had fun on the fourth of July taking pictures of fireworks.  I got many more keepers than I normally do.  I think I shot about 300, deleted about 200 and then cropped about 100.  I had my camera set at TV 1.6" and had it set to the sport setting so that I could do rapid fire shots.  Even though the shutter stayed open for the 1.6 seconds, it just kept shooting as long as the shutter release was depressed.  I focused once and then just sat back to enjoy the fireworks.  Hopefully next year I'll remember to look back at my blog to see what I did so I can improve for next years pictures.

Here's some of my favorites, and then a slideshow.

IMG_5913 (2)






Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Block of the Week - #30 Wisconsin Star – Green County

Jen Buettner – Cre8tive Quilter

Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns - Block of the Week

Block #30 – Wisconsin Star - Green County

clip_image002 clip_image004

Your block will finish to 6”. This means that it will physically measure 6-1/2” X 6-1/2” before it is sewn to other blocks.

Cutting Instructions & Piecing Locations for 6” Paper Pieced Block:

(2) 3-1/4” Squares – White, sub-cut clip_image006 into 4 pieces – F1, H1, J1, L1

(4) 1-1/4” X 2” Rectangles – Brown – B1, C1, D1, E1

(2) 3-1/4” Squares – Green, sub-cut clip_image006[1] into 4 pieces – F2, H2, J2, L2

(1) 2-3/4” Square – Green – A1

(4) 1-1/2” X 2-3/4” Rectangles – Green – G1, I1, K1, M1

(4) 2” Squares – Orange, sub-cut clip_image006[2] into 8 pieces – G2, G3, I2, I3, K2, K3, M2, M3

(8) 1-1/2” X 2” Rectangles - Orange – B2, B3, C2, C3, D2, D3, E2, E3

(8) 2” Squares – Yellow, sub-cut clip_image006[3] into 16 pieces – A2, A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, C4, C5, D4, D5, E4, E5, F3, H3, J3, L3

Click HERE to print a clean Wisconsin Star Instruction Sheet.
Click HERE to download and print the Wisconsin Star Foundation Pattern.

**You will want to Download the file and then print the .pdf file.  When you print, make sure that scaling is turned off enabling the document to print at 100%.  Take a moment to measure.  The Solid Line along the bottom edge of section E should measure 3".  If you print directly from the Google Docs screen you might come out with a slightly smaller sized block.**



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quilts on Barns - #154 Nifty Nine Patch

I forgot to post this one.  Jen and I found it a few months back when we were in Green County.  It is located at W4696 Cty. Rd. K in Monroe, WI 53566


IMG_5432 IMG_5433 IMG_5434 IMG_5435 IMG_5436IMG_5437

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilts on Barns - #153 Cedar Ridge Farm

I'm not sure what the name of this block is yet.  I haven't done my research but decided to show it anyway.  I will update this post when I get all of the details.  We found this one while driving through Walworth County.  Cedar Ridge Farm is located at W2620 Highway J in East Troy, WI.  



IMG_6072 IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6077

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quilts on Barns - #152 Irish Chain

Irish Chain is located at Mitten Farm - W2542 Highway J, East Troy WI.  We were driving through Walworth County and ran across it.  I've yet to find it listed on any of the Barn Quilt sites.  


IMG_6081 IMG_6079 IMG_6078

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friendship Triangles

I made 10 cinnamon sticks for the shop exchange. Hopefully I will get back into a sewing mood soon and actually do something with them.


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Friday, July 23, 2010

New apron

A few weeks back I decided to make a new apron for wearing at the shop.


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quilts on Barns - #151 Weathervane

Weathervane is located at 4958 County Road G in Argyle, WI.


IMG_5610 IMG_5611 IMG_5612

This is our last stop in Lafayette County, who knows where we will head next!!