Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quilts on Barns–#184 Chisholm Trail

Chisholm Trail is located at 8367 Butterfly Road in Beloit.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilts on Barns–#183 Variable Star

Variable Star is located at 6615 E County Road J in Clinton.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quilts on Barns–#182 Grandpa’s Delight

Grandpa’s Delight is located at 7647 S Summerville Road in Clinton.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilts on Barns–#181 Hole in the Barn Door

Yesterday, my Evil Twin Vogues and I made a trip out to Rock County to make a dent in their new barn quilt trail.  I’ve been corresponding with Jean who is a large part of the Rock County project for almost a year now; she’s been very kind to keep me up to date on all of the new Barn Quilts.  I think we hit about half of them today thanks to the list and map that Jean sent.  They really did their research because we had very few problems between the map and the list.  My new updated GPS really made a huge difference over my 4 year old model.  I do miss the Yoda GPS voice but actually making it to 40 destinations without fail is much more important!

Hole in the Barn Door is located at 7148 S Summerville Road in Clinton.


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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Comfort Quilt for my dear sweet Holly

A few weeks ago Holly had an episode that required some testing and the bottom line is that she has cancer.  =(  Tumors in her Liver and Spleen.  I don’t know how much time we have left so we’re making the most of it.   I started making her a quilt and then I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it until some of my friends kicked me in the ass.

It’s just a split nine patch made out of Make Life by Sweetwater.


I found this goofy dog print in my stash and used it for the backing.


Here she is, chilling on the couch with her quilt on top of her, Mike’s quilt under her and Mine next to her.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wide awake

We had thunderstorms this evening so Holly the 95 pound lab wanted to be right on me. After she wedged herself between me and my dry erase board (erasing it with her body I might add) I decided what we could both use was some snuggle time on the bed. Of course she decided to lay the wrong direction so I joined her.

I woke up 5-ish hours later around 3am forgetting why I was laying the wrong direction. As I laid there with her still snuggled into me the realization that our time together is drawing to a close was overwhelming. I couldn't fall back asleep so I decided to get up and sew. 3 pillow cases and two scrap bags later I'm going to give sleep another try. I could still get another 2-1/2 hours of sleep if I'm lucky.


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

9 Days Till Quilt Retreat!

Spring quilt retreat time is here again.  I was chatting yesterday with friends about what projects I was going to be bringing along.  All of a sudden I'm worried about not having enough cut up to bring along.  I may have to re-think things.  Going with my new mantra of working on easy quilts so that I can enjoy myself; that's great and all but they don't take very long.  Here's my current line up with pictures of 'like' quilts since my cronies need to know what I'm working on.  They want to make sure it's not itty bitty items that will take me 5 minutes.  Yeah, unless it's a challenge to put as many pieces as possible into a 6" block, I'm all about large quilts.

For all 5 of these comfort quilts I will not be putting on the outer borders at retreat.  I will wait for borders until I know who they are going to and then I'll buy border/binding/backing to suit that person.  The exciting thing about these comfort quilts is with the exception of background fabric they came entirely from my stash.  I had a box of batiks that I went through and cut up into 2-1/2, 3-1/2, 5-1/2 & 6-1/2 strips.

Quilts 1, 2 & 3 - Modified Urban Cabin quilts cut up and ready to go.  The finished size with border is something like 55X77.

Quilt 4 - Yellow Brick Road Quilt kit.  The cool thing about this one is that all 36 of the 3-1/2" strips are different.  Also finishes with outer border at around 55X75.

Quilt 5 - Between Friends Jr. Kit - Also finishes with outer border at around 55X75.

Quilt 6 - Modified Strip Twist.  The quilt top just needs to be assembled.  I last worked on it in November at retreat.  Not really sure how far I got with assembly.  Will finish 66 X 88.

Quilt 7 - Flowers for Kashmir.  Will measure 71 X 82.  This will be the 4th retreat this quilt has gone on.  It's been cut up the entire time.  It's time to make this sucker; it's not going on a 5th retreat.  Moneik and I were discussing I should probably make a few rows first so that I've got the piecing of triangles thing down.  Yeah, I'm 2 rows of 14 into it and I'm not amused!  This was a good idea.  I can see this quilt and I parting company once it's finished!!  

Ok, Ok, now that I SEE this list I believe that I have enough to keep busy for 4 days.  Oh and they've placed wagers on me...whether or not I can accomplish these tasks.  I think they're fools for placing a bet because once I hear something like that you better believe I'll do everything to get it done.  Moneik is putting up a yard of fabric from her stash for every top I finish.  Muhahahaha...I intend to leave retreat 7 yards of fabric richer.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It’s been a while…

Since I’ve blogged; my last post with quilty content was back in October.  That’s almost a 6 month hiatus and I have to say; I haven’t missed blogging.  Quite a few people have been asking lately if I’m ever going to post again - so here I am.  I don’t know if I’ll ever return to blogging on a regular basis.  I would like to continue my Barn Quilt pattern series but it won’t be on a schedule like it was in the past.  You just may wake up one day and see a ton of new patterns – stranger things have happened! 

I wasn’t quilting as much as I normal and it took me quite a while to figure out what the problem was.  I went through a couple of years where I made sure each new project taught me something, challenged me or was something that I designed.  While I LOVE the designing aspect, by the time I work my way through it I decide I no longer want to make that project.  I recently re-discovered my love for making comfort quilts and I think this is what I’m going to focus on for a while.  I just need to sew, and not think about patterns; just enjoy the process.  If that means making quilts from patterns that I could do in my sleep; then that’s what it takes. 

Here’s what I have worked on that you haven’t seen…

Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler Blocks (Some of the colors are off; I took all these with my camera phone).

photo 1 (2)photo 1 (3)photo 1 (4)photo 1 (5)photo 1photo 2 (2)photo 2 (3)photo 2 (4)photo 2 (5)photo 2photo 3 (2)photo 3 (3)photo 3 (4)photo 3 (5)photo 3photo 4 (2)photo 4 (3)photo 4 (4)photo 4 (5)photo 4

Quilts I currently have in progress or have recently finished…

Comfot Quilt based off the quilt pattern "Urban Cabin" - Still needs and outer border.Split 9 Patch for HollyComfort Quilt for EHComfort Quilt for JPComfort Quilt for RKBack of RK's Comfort QuiltPB&J (Parts, Bits & Junk)Comfort Quilt for MSSnowflake Wallhanging that I designed and will someday write a pattern for.Started out as Strip Twist, I turned it into something completely different.  Just need to assemble the quilt top.Cafe Bistro "In & Out" Quilt.  Still working on binding it.

This next one I can’t take credit for making.  It was made by my friend Patti; I just quilted it and sent it on it’s way. 

Comfort Quilt made by Patti/Quilted by Me for JH

Miscellaneous things I’ve made:

TV Tray Ironing Board for DMSuess and Pac Man Pillow Cases for MEPockets to Go - Cube Size for my Hand Sewing StuffPockets to Go - Cube Size for my Hand Sewing StuffPockets to Go - Cube Size One for DM & One for MEPockets to Go - Cube Size One for DM & One for METrash Bags for my Sidekick Cup Holder.  Also made one for Vogues & my MomBlocks for CH's Comfort Quilt

I’m sure I’ve missed a few things along the way!  This doesn’t even begin to cover the things I’ve sewn while at work…but I’m not about to post all of those pictures.