Thursday, June 30, 2011

Milwaukee Brewers Quilt

So what if I keep using it and the binding isn’t even on yet…I love it!  When it does go on, it’s blue.


I put blue Minky on the back.  It wasn’t wide enough so I decided to add a stripe of yellow.  Now, when you load Minky on the frame the stretch has to go side to side.  With the blue, that was true.  The yellow on the other hand, I cut two strips and sewed them end to end, the stretch of those was up and down.  In theory, how big of a deal was this 9” strip going to make? 


Even though it was pinned straight to the leaders it came out a bit crooked.  In retrospect I could have avoided this by using the side clamps.  BUT, I never use the side clamps because I couldn’t get used to them.  On the other hand, this is a quilt that is meant to be used.  It’s not destined for any quilt shows so really, does it matter?  I’m happy with it, that’s all that matters!


The last time I worked with Minky it was a nightmare.  I had all sorts of thread skips.  This time, I had no issues what so ever. 


I’ll definitely be using Minky again!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Parvo - Day 6

On day 5 at 11:35PM I received a text from Karen that said, "It's too late to call but Maddie is Drinking and Eating REAL canned food on her own right now!!"

Day 6 - 6:55am the text from Karen read, "3:25AM Maddie pooped. I think you can take her home tonight to finish her recovery. She is again eating full strength canned food and drinking on her own."

Around Noon I got the call that there was nothing more they could do for Maddie at the humane society that we couldn't do at was time to go get my girl.  =)

I think we got home around 2, my Mom brought "It's a Girl" and "Welcome Baby" balloons along with fresh flowers some cute polka dot pink bowls to use while she's tiny and a "Larry the Llama."  Her first presents because I’ve been so afraid to buy her anything. 


Here she is with her Grammy.

photo 3 copy

It’s not the best picture, but I love this one. 


So here we sit on day 6.  It’s hard not to get excited, but realistically we need to get to day 14.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parvo - day 5

Jen didn't get to EBHS to see Maddie girl today but Mike did. Last night she barked a bit. Hopefully it's a good sign because if she's willing to expend the energy things may be looking up.

She started drinking on her own last night too, but then she vomited.

Today she started going to the food bowl to eat on her own. This is huge. Now it's a wait and see that goes in needs to come out. Beyond coming out, the hurdle is are her intestines ok or have they telescoped inside themselves? I believe this is our next major hurdle.

Thank you all for the continued prayers, she surely needs them!!

-Jen & Mike

Monday, June 27, 2011

Maddie Jane - one sick puppy. =(

Just a quick post to update everyone.  On Thursday we adopted Maddie Jane from our local humane society.  She was a quiet little girl.  When we brought her home, I couldn't get her to eat and she wouldn't drink much. I chalked it up to a new enviornment.  The next morning she started throwing up.  I was concerned with a small puppy and the amount of fluids coming out of her - I mean really, just how much fluids can one expel before they're dehydrated???  I ran her to our vet where after a few tests they said it could be Parvo.  I called the humane society and left a message because I knew they'd need to test the rest of their animals.  I left Maddie at the vet.  The humane society called me back a few minutes later asking me to go get her from the vet and take her out there for treatment since they were a bit better situated to quarantine an animal.  They tested her and definitely parvo.  So now, we're still crossing our fingers and hoping she's going to make it.  She's been at the humane society and doing home with the director every night.  They've been pumping her full of fluids and everything else they need to do to get her better.  They've never lost a dog to parvo so we're hoping their streak continues.

I don't want to hear any negatives because I'm trying to stay positive but I'm hoping if anyone has any recovery stories or words of wisdom for us they'll leave a comment.

In the mean time, here's a slide show and add my little pup to your prayer list please!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Brewer Quilt & Packer Quilt

Today I spent the day with Jacque, Gracie & Connor.  In keeping with my theme to try and tie up projects that I’ve been working on for a while I was able to get two quilt tops assembled today.

My Brewer Quilt.  I’m going to quilt and bind it in blue to make it less yellow.  I need to decide on a backing.  I’m quilting it myself so I should just go with regular cotton BUT I’d really like to go with Minkee.  On the other hand, if I buy the Minkee and then can’t quilt through it (my last try was years ago, it didn’t go well) then I’ve made a really expensive mistake.


Mike’s Packer Quilt.  Sigh, I asked him to hold it up and this is what I got…

Seriously though…it’s a giant quilt (80X100 and defined as a “lap” quilt).


June’s Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler Blocks

I forgot to post these!

photo 1 (8)photo 2 (9)photo 3 (8)photo 4 (8)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just a ‘few’ things…

I’ve got a few too many projects going at one time.  I’ve been working fast and furiously on my Glace Flower Garden that I’m hand piecing.  Fast is a joke because I’m English Paper Piecing and each hexagon needs to be basted before it can be whip stitched to another one.  I’ve got a Milwaukee Brewers Quilt going for myself and a Green Bay Packer Quilt going for Mike, a Halloween Quilt made out of Riley Blake fabrics rolling around in my head just waiting to be cut out.  I’ve got a few more comfort quilts that just need backings assembled so they can be quilted.  But, I’ve got pictures of the three that I’ve played with today…

Yesterday I quilted the Quilt of Valor quilt that I made for my friend Ruth’s twin brother Adam.  Today I finished hand sewing the binding.


When Ruth turned 30 I made her a quilt.  Her brother asked what it was going to take to get me to make him a quilt.  I laughed it off because up until that point, no one really had the guts to just come right out and ask that question.  It’s stuck with me all these years because if anyone is quilt worthy; it’s Adam -  He’s protecting our freedom.  You can’t get more worthy than that!!

Last night I also made a Halloween Quilt out of Alexander Henry’s ‘The Ghastlies’ fabric line.  I took my inspiration from the pattern Boxtrot.  I measured my Ghastlie scenes and used the largest ruler I owned to fussy cut the long strips. Luckily, 5 strips out of my largest ruler gave me a decent length quilt.  I based the size of my boxes on how wide I wanted the finished quilt to be.  Other than that, I just winged it; designing as I went.  It was a fun project that I finished within a few hours time.


This fabric just makes me laugh!!  AND since orange scares the crap out of me, it’s pretty cool that I was able to make a Halloween quilt without any orange!!


A week or so ago I finished the Green Bay Packer quilt top that I’m making for the C.U.R.E 54 auction later this summer (I’m actually making a larger version of this quilt for Mike).  The brown fabric is Andover’s Dimples which actually look like the texture on a football.


I received an awesome care package in the mail from Moneik.  She sent me about 8 yards of fabric that I “won” for completing projects at quilt retreat.  She also made me a table runner and a table topper that I just love. 


Oh, and while I’ve been working on all these things I’ve been listening to audio books.  I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy which was much better than I anticipated!  LOVED IT!!