Thursday, January 26, 2012

1600 Quilt

I've been hearing a lot about "1600" quilts recently and thought they were odd until my friend Linda made one and then put some large applique's on top of it.  Then, I was intrigued.  Add making the sewing process into a race and I was hooked!! 

I have some bright batiks that I'm making into a split nine patch for Maddie.  The squares have been done for a few months but I haven't taken the time to lay it out and get it sewn together partly because I didn't know what to use for the backing.  I wanted to use something I had versus purchasing something new.  When this 1600 quilt idea came around I decided I'd cut some strips, do the 1600 race and use it as a back.  Problem is...I now like the back far more than the front!!

For those of you not familiar with the 1600 quilt concept, Heirloom Creations has a great blog post and video about it.  Basically you sew 40, 2-1/2" strips together end to end.  This equals roughly 1600 inches.  I decided to sew mine straight on instead of on the diagonal.  I also opted to cut all of my strips in half so that I'd have more variety through out the quilt.  I really like how it came out...and now I'm addicted and can't wait to make a few more.  

The time clock for the "race" doesn't start until you have all of your strips joined together.  It starts once you're ready to sit down and start sewing your 1600 inches and stops when you sew your last seam - this is when you iron it.  From start to finish mine took 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I'll admit, somehow in my ironing of my 1600" I got all twisted and knotted up.  Thankfully, Linda became my "pit crew" and helped untangle while I sewed.  

I think Maddie looks quite spiffy on the back of her new quilt!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nook Tablet Cover

I just finished making a cover for my Nook using Nancy Zieman's Trace and Create template set. I LOVE it! Right now she's doing a designer blog hop so if you're considering making one you might want to check it out for some inspiration.

I decided to use Cat in the Hat fabric since its book fabric. Boy did it turn out cute!!

Instead of using elastic I cut apart a headband that has a silicone non slip grip on the back.  I also used Craft Fuse Interfacing, Fast 2 Fuse Stabilizer & Nancy's Tablet Keeper's WELL PROTECTED!

I originally cut the binding at 2-1/2" as the pattern indicated but that was far too much binding for such a thin project. I took it off and went with a 2" binding. I tried to hand sew the binding but it's so nice and rigid that it was a losing battle. I opted to machine sew it to the front using monofilament thread.

The only thing that could make my book cover better would be a "this book belongs to" book plate like I had when I was a kid!